Heavens Declare War
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HOME TOWN: Central Texas
Brendon - Vocals
Randy - Guitar
Dominic - Drums
Shawn - Bass

Heavens Declare War brings their own original style of music to the table; mixing elements of Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Grindcore, Math Metal, and often other genres all written in a Progressive style. Every song is well thought out, extremely imaginative, exciting, catchy as hell (yes catchy), with heart pounding grooves and mind racing riffs, and to top it off not one song is just there to fill up time or add to the list. All the guitar riffs are well played and memorable, all the drumming is solid and well rounded, the vocals are well ranged and aggressive, and altogether unforgettable.

HDW stands out in a genre where bands write music for no reason other to be heavy and to be part of a scene; forgetting or not realizing that people sometimes want to experience something different and unique, and while maybe wanting more metal; they don't want to hear the same metal band over and over again. With amazing music backing them along with their exciting and energetic stage performance; HDW is a band not to be missed.