Gunmetal Grey
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HOME TOWN: San Francisco, CA
Eddie Hermida (vocals)
Tim Burge (guitar)
Stephen Lauck (guitar)
Tashia Govan (bass)
Christopher Jones (drums)

Born in late 2002 as a side project of several San Francisco Bay area hardcore veterans, GUNMETAL GREY is the brainchild of rhythm guitarist Stephen Lauck (of HOODS) and drummer Brandon Thomas (of S.E.E.D.). After writing nearly a full length album's worth of original songs and cycling through countless musicians, vocalist Eddie Hermida and lead guitarist Brandon Scot were brought into the fold in August of 2003 to finalize the core of the band. After three months of writing, rehearsing, and solidifying the best of the songs, bassist Andrew Smith (also of S.E.E.D. and THE DRIVE HOME) was added to the mix and the group headed into Oakland's Castle Ultimate Studios to record their forthcoming Solitude MCD. GUNMETAL GREY combine truly infectious melodies with sledgehammer brutality. Eddie Hermida's diverse vocal prowess ascends over the pulsating backbeat with heartfelt lyrics and haunting choruses. The acrobatic solos of lead guitarist Brandon Scot shine over the complex rhythms and blistering downstroke attack of Stephen Lauck's guitar assault. Add in the subtle complexities of Brandon Thomas' solid-as-rock drumming and the songs are simple, yet at the same time full of intricacy. Altogether upbeat, the music will keep you bobbing your head, singing along, and rocking through the show. With a range of influences from METALLICA to CRO-MAGS, THRICE to AT THE GATES, GUNMETAL GREY was founded on ideals of integrity and honesty in music. Their ethic is all about creating good music, putting on an awesome show, and working towards bridging the gap between the casual music fan and the underground fanatic. And with metal poised to make a comeback, GUNMETAL GREY is doing their part to push the envelope with sensible songwriting, tasteful melody, and masterful riffing. San Francisco was once a haven for the best metal bands of the last 20 years, and now, the band that is putting the "metal" back into metalcore, is ready to do its part in bringing the crown back to the City By The Bay.