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A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released
Grief Of War Album Details
June 20, 2009
The Tokyo trio Grief Of War– whose "samurai crunch" brand of visceral thrash has earned the group international acclaim – have unveiled the cover art for their new album, 'Worship', which will be released by Prosthetic Records on July 7.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Crack Of Doom
2. Disorder
3. Captured Soul Eternity
4. New Kind Of Wicked
5. Revolt
6. Built My Brain
7. Worship
8. Into The Void (feat. Shane Gibson of Korn)
9. Midnight Sun
10. Lost

The new track, "Disorder", is currently available for streaming via the band's Official Myspace page.

Grief Of War, who recently performed in Hong Kong with Into Eternity, will play a CD release show at Explosion in Tokyo on July 20. For more information, visit
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Grief Of War To Release 'Worship' In July
May 15, 2009
Tokyo thrash disciples Grief Of War – who have been hailed as "a total adrenaline rush" (Decibel) and "a mixture of Teutonic thrash and balls-to-the-wall speed metal" (BW&BK) that's "tighter than a Sumo wrestler's jockstrap" (Rock Sound) – return with a vengeance on new album, 'Worship', which will be released on July 7. A new track, “Disorder,” is currently streaming on the band's MySpace page, and the group kicks off their new touring cycle with a show alongside Into Eternity in Hong Kong this weekend.

Grief Of War, who calls their kamikaze brand of thrash "samurai crunch," first made an international splash with their 2005 debut 'A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released' (reissued worldwide by Prosthetic in early 2008 ). 'Worship' should garner the Japanese quartet even more acclaim, thanks in part to a sharp production that was mastered by Ted Jensen of New York's legendary Sterling Sound, who has previously put the final touches on works by acts ranging from Kiss to Kreator.

'Worship' also features a contribution by one other notable individual: Korn lead guitarist Shane Gibson, who performs a blistering solo on the song "Into The Void." So how did a member of one of the biggest metal bands in the world – nu, true or otherwise – end up jamming with a comparatively obscure, retro-minded group from The Land of the Rising Sun? Vocalist/bassist/lyricist Manabu Hirose, who also recorded, engineered, produced and mixed 'Worship', explains it was quite easy: "Since Ken (Sato, Grief Of War's lead guitarist) likes shredding guitarists, and he knew Shane would come to Japan while we were recording, he made contact with Shane and asked him to play on the album. We sent him the demo of 'Into The Void,' he liked the song and we welcomed him to the studio when he visited Japan."

Big-name cameos aside, one listen to 'Worship' proves that while Grief Of War is 25 years and one ocean removed from the heyday of Bay Area thrash, that scene's influence is stronger than ever. Banzai!
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HOME TOWN: Tokyo, Japan
Manabu Hirose - Vocals
Ken Sato - Guitar
Hiroyuki Inoue - Guitar
Isao Matuzaki - Drums

Formed for the purpose of being the true heir of real thrash metal, Grief of WAR was started from humble beginnings in 2002 based out of Tokyo, Japan. Almost immediately after forming, the band quickly started rehearsing to develop and refine their sound through a series of pre-productions recordings. Releasing the self-titled Grief of WAR demo in 2003, the band began receiving positive reaction about the release from a handful of CD shops and fanzines inside their native Japan, prompting the quartet to being energetically playing live in June 2004. Through this, the band began gaining an increasing fan base throughout Tokyo through uncountable tours and live dates, including playing together with Danish metal band Mnemic in March of 2005. Grief of WAR finally unleashed the band’s debut full-length, A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released through hometown label Yggr Drasill Records in May 2005.

Self-described as "Samurai Crunch," Grief of WAR aims to capture the title as the heir of real traditional/thrash metal in the golden 80s, through a deal with Prosthetic Records set to begin with the release A Mounting Crisis... outside Japan on February 19, 2008.