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Process Of A New Decline

Leading Vision

Gorod Post Studio Video Footage Online
July 8, 2010
French tech death metal maniacs, Gorod, have posted studio video footage online of Arno & Mat tracking guitars for the band's forthcoming new EP, which is scheduled for a late summer 2010 release. Check out the shredfest below...
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HOME TOWN: Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
Guillaume - Vocals
Arnaud - Guitar
Mathieu - Guitar
Barby - Bass
Sam - Drums

Founded in Bordeaux (France)in 1997, under the monicker Gorgasm, and after a series of line up changes to find the right personnel for the job, gorod finally recorded their debut full length album “Neurotripsicks” in 2004 for Deadsun Records. Thanks to “Neurotripsicks”, gorod cut a deal with Willowtip Records (US), who decided to re-release “Neurotripsicks” in 2005 with two brand new bonus tracks.

At this same moment, the band decided to rename themselves to gorod to avoid confusion with the Chicago death metal outfit of the same name. the album received a good response from the media and in 2006, the band returned with the much praised “Leading Vision” . The band then toured over Europe and went to the mighty Maryland DeathFest (USA) and DeathFeast Open Air (D), only to impress and leave the many spectators in awe. At theEnd of 2008, the band found a new drummer in Sam Santiago just before they entered the studio to record the new opus "Process Of A New Decline". On this new record, Sam pushed the band to a new level with his tight, fast and groovy drumming.

With this new record, Gorod have cleverly spiced their diamond-cutting technicality with supercharged pinball machine melodies and fluttering sting ray guitar solos against a backdrop of grooves and bonkers bass playing, not to mention tighter, radioactive songwriting sure to burrow its way into permanent memory. Considering how slippery and complicated Gorod sounds on paper, it's immediately refreshing to be reminded that death metal can be catchy, brainy, and fun all at the same time.