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Album Releases

Less Traveled Waters
HOME TOWN: Wilmington, NC
Frank Stroehmer - Guitar/ Samples
Serge Stroehmer - Bass
Hunter Holland - Drums

Gollum, from Wilmington, NC has been a breath of fresh air among other bands since 1998; infecting the world with its devastating brand of avant-garde music.  Rather than falling in line with the tired and typical re-hashing and regurgitating the "flavors-of-the-week" bands, Gollum truly stands out with originality. Musically, the hypnotic guitars and sample programming of Frank Stroehmer, the pulsating bass of his brother Serge, and the blitzkrieg drumming of Hunter Holland all combine to create a surrealistic environment, out of step with boring verse-chorus-verse confinements in songwriting.  From moments of moody heaviness to a tribal and trance inducing atmosphere, the result can only be described in one word...Gollum.

No other obsolete categorizations could do justice to the band. Certainly not an instrumental group, but an assertion of something not yet realized in the contemporary spectrum. Rather than bending to fit a mold, Gollum offers a true artistic alternative to the world of aggressive music. The poignant, spiritual quality of original sampling and programming, as well as unorthodox content and placement, offer to the masses an opportunity to indulge in the purest form of artistic expression through music... if only the masses are ready.

Following the band's last release, Lesser Traveled Waters, Gollum received rave reviews. Featuring guest vocals by D. Randall Blythe from Lamb of God, with mastering credits going to Steve Austin of Today is the Day, the album showed that Gollum is a brutally heavy band with something different to offer. Since the release of Lesser Traveled Waters, Gollum has played with bands such as Mastodon, Soilent Green, Rwake, Crisis, Incantation, Vital Remains, The Dave Brockie Experience, Alabama Thunderpussy, Dysrhythmia, Lake Trout, Stinking Lizaveta and Solace, as well as countless shows with local friends Weedeater.

Gollum is poised to break the boundaries of aggressive music with its fourth CD release; an upcoming self-produced album, meticulously conceived, crafted, and recorded in the band's own professional recording studio.  Gollum not only has complete access to a professional recording facility, but having been on three separate self managed tours over the last few years, are no strangers to the road either.  Equipped with all that is needed for extensive touring, as well as the overwhelming desire to share their unique sound with the masses, the band has performed  across America, canvassing the country from NYC to Hollywood CA, Orlando Fl into Canada, performing shows in Windsor and Hamilton ON.

Since the band's last album, Gollum has shifted energy and focus to their latest, and most stunning offering to date. With a forecasted finish time of summer/fall 2007, this release promises to be an instant classic among the underground hardcore legions, and may be enticing enough for other markets, as well. With the right label and distribution, coupled with a tour that would allow them the opportunity to be heard, Gollum would establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and a true source of creativity for those who desire something more out of aggressive music.