God Size Hate
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Again We Bleed
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1.   Far into the East
2.   Red Rabbit
3.   Total Division of Man
4.   Again We Bleed
5.   Back From Silence
6.   Never Again
7.   Coming Apart
8.   Fills the Void
9.   Another Father Dies
10. Immortal Anguish
11. Tearing the Life
12. Surface of Pain


Right from the gate, the band kicks things off with a crunchy stacatto riff and a nice little lead in the intro to 'Far Into The East'. The sound is reminiscent of Pro-Pain vocally, with more of a Bay Area thrash feel to the music. That is until the chorus breaks, and the clean vocals come in, taking things into the realm of Queensryche meets Machine Head. Definitely a good start.

'Red Rabbit' is where things really take off though. The wicked fretburning leadwork that drives the song into the first verse is comparable to any of today's top shredders. The thrash vibe remains solid, and more of the amazing clean vocals show up, only this time as more of an enhancement to the main vocalists more aggressive approach.

Further into the album, the song 'Never Again' begins (and ends) with a wicked melodic Atheist intro/outro. Of course, this quickly shifts into a total Hatebreed styled affair with vocalist Steve Kremer sounding a lot more pissed off a la Jamey Jasta, especially when he utters the line 'I Will Forever Be Heard'. Following that line, the song breaks, and there's a brief spoken word delivery that is reminiscent of a pre-heroin addict Phil Anselmo. Definitely another kick ass track.

Halfway through the album, 'Coming Apart' sees the band switching things up and actually opening the song with the soaring cleans, backed by the aggro vocals that dominate the majority of the song. Both vocalists do well with their respective performances, and were it not for the incorporation of both styles, this album would easily fall right alongside many other thrash bands that only incorporate screams into the mix, or other bands that only utilize higher register cleans. It's much easier to appeal to a larger crowd when you have a good mix instead of one singular style. Of course, the quality of the music will inevitably come into play as well, but then God Size hate isn't exactly struggling in that department either.

Simply put, God Size Hate is a band that has the ability to appeal to a wide variety of metalheads. From those who prefer a more aggressive sound, to those who can't get into a band without hearing something other than screaming for the duration of any given song or album. At the same time, both the screams and the cleans are going to put off a certain percentage of people who simply prefer one or the other.


Whether you like power metal, or are more of a fan of thrash oriented metal with a groove to it, this band deserves your attention. If you're a fan of bands like Into Eternity, Epicurean, and Divinity, and even early Pantera (back when Phil wanted to be Rob Halford), God Size Hate should fit right in. They may not be entirely as technical as some of the aforementioned bands, but it's definitely in the same vein.

RATING: 8/11

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