Ghost of Maine
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Album Releases

Persistence Of Vision
HOME TOWN: Indianapolis, IN
Adam Wilson - Drums
Jesse Boggess - Guitar
Jesse Curtis - Guitar
James Roberts - Vocals
Andrew Wellman - Bass

Ghost of Maine started in 2005 with a group of friends in Muncie, Ind. that had been playing in and out of bands together since 1999. This lineup included drummer, Adam Wilson. Quickly gaining a strong fan base in central Indiana, the band self released their first EP, “My Girlfriend Sleeps Four Feet Above the Sheets.” In 2006, Ghost of Maine signed with local indie label Measure 4 Measure Records and began recording their second EP, “Shark Tales”.

Measure 4 Measure absolved and although finished, the album was not released. Determined to broaden their horizons with or without label backing, the band headed out for a two week stint, playing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, South Carolina and Kentucky. In the Fall, Jesse Boggess stepped in on second guitar and the shred extravaganza was taken up another level.

Taking the time to reconstruct goals, work in new members and work on writing, Ghost of Maine began the year on hiatus. After a couple months the band picked up where they left off, on the road as weekend warriors. They continued rocking the Midwest, adding Illinois and Wisconsin to the list, and released their self‐titled EP. In August, Ghost of Maine was voted best unsigned metal band in a survey on Myspace Music and was the featured Metal artist on the site’s main page. A couple of months later, the band put music up for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.

Without skipping a beat, Ghost of Maine started 2009 with a few lineup changes. James Roberts took the reigns as front man. Personalities, musical playing and writing styles instantly clicked and the band quickly wrote and recorded two tracks in Cleveland, Ohio for their upcoming album, “Persistence of Vision.” With little outside help, GOM has managed to pay for t‐shirt and CD printing, recording, travel and tour expenses, including the purchase and upkeep of the band van, Mary Jane.

Ghost of Maine began the new decade with another move to progress the musicianship and overall sound. New guitarist Jesse Curtis stepped in just in time to help record the band’s fourth EP, Persistence of Vision. Working through the struggle of multiple member changes, this album is a compilation of highlights from the past two years for Ghost of Maine and reinforces the direction the band is going. It’s a transitional album that reflects GOM’s journey from its hardcore roots to the foothills of progressive metal. After recording, he teamed up with Jesse Boggess and both moved to seven string guitars to help continue the growth of this Midwest metal band and take GOM song writing to new heights. The band quickly wrote and recorded, Rendition, a promotional bonus track for the EP that foreshadows the progressive tone and musicianship to come in the near future. In July, the band sent the EP off to be mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Studios. Completing their fourth EP, Persistence of Vision, has been a challenge for Ghost of Maine, but it’s a reflection and reaffirmation of the progression, drive, motivation and vision of this Indiana‐based metal band. Ghost of Maine accepted an offer from Magnatune (a forerunner in the music business to offer easy sales and licensing of music) to help sell and promote their Fall EP release, Persistence of Vision. Andrew Wellman joined in August as the bands most seasoned bassist to date. Never losing momentum, the band finds themselves today completely in sync, pushing limits and each other, looking toward a promising future.