Ghost Machine
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FFDP Interview Posted Online
December 23, 2007
The Corporate Punishment Podcast has posted an interview with Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody at the following location.

In the interview, Moody speaks about the formation of Five Finger Death Punch and their rise to being one of the most promising new bands within the scene. Moody also discusses his side-project Ghost Machine and their debut album, 'Hypersensitive'. The interview also includes a free Mp3 download of the track "Headstone", from Ghost Machine’s debut album.

Ghost Machine, features Moody along with former Motograter drummer Chris "Crispy" Binns and ex-Clay People guitarist John Stevens. Corporate Punishment Records released the group's Pete Murray (Ultraspank, Lo-Pro) produced debut album in late 2006. Ghost Machine's diverse sound draws influence from a wide range of influences from the likes of Nine Inch Nails to The Cure, Pink Floyed, Alice In Chains, Tool and Ministry.

For more information on Ghost Machine, head on over to the band's Official Myspace Page at
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Five Finger Death Punch Frontman Discusses Ghost Machine
December 3, 2007
Five Finger Death Punch frontman, Ivan Moody, recently spoke with, where he discussed his side-project Ghost Machine in-depth. Ghost Machine is the side-project of Moody, along with ex-Clay People guitarist, John Stevens, and former Motograter drummer, Chris "Crispy" Binns.

"The Ghost Machine album was actually written when I was going through spiritual depression, as that was written right after Motograter and just prior to Five Finger Death Punch," says Moody. "That album was more of an experiment for me and there are certain artistic sides of me, like I love Depeche Mode, Love and Rockets and The Cure. I really wanted to dabble in that side of things where I didn’t have to scream as much and I could be a little more artsy. I love Ghost Machine and we’re looking at putting out another album next year that will be a double disc with all kinds of remixes and a DVD. I love that project and it’s probably one of the closest things to my soul."

Ghost Machine recently released the band’s debut album 'Hypersensitive' on Corporate Punishment Records. The album was engineered and co-produced by Pete Murray (Ultraspank, Lo-Pro) and draws from a wide range of influences.

"I love that album," continues Moody about Ghost Machine. "The song 'God Forbid' is about the Motograter fans that were turning on me and "Vegas Moon" was about Steve Richards' passing, because he was living in Vegas at the time and we were staying with him. 'Burning Bridges' was written about

The full interview with Ivan can be viewed at this location.

For more information on Five Finger Death Punch check out For more information on Ghost Machine, head on over to<FONT color=#99000a world.?[br the in gift biggest is me to That people. with them share and tape on put able be enough lucky I'm through live had I that experiences are These see. never will people album stuff of lot a was There coin. side other see for hard so it how FONT]and <] </FONT]
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Ghost Machine Guitarist Issues Update On Upcoming Album
December 3, 2007
Ghost Machine guitarist John Stevens (ex-Clay People) has revealed more details about the creation of the group's debut album and the group's follow-up album, which is slated for release sometime in 2008.

"The entire process of the 'Hypersensitive' album took place either in my studio at my house, except for the drums, which we needed a facility that would properly capture the drum tones. We recorded them at Assembly Line studios in Vienna, VA, and Orange Whip in Santa Barbara, Ca" says Ghost Machine guitarist John Stevens. "In comparison to the last release, this one was carrying the weight of a lot of baggage from our lives. The music for "Edification" was about my ex, my kid, my life. This whole album was very personal for all of us. It was the perfect chance for Ivan and I to disclose and say goodbye to some personal demons we both carry. Strange how 95% of our material starts out as an insightful instrumental that I write to listen to by myself, but the most tracks that are most impacting were "Sheltered" and "Vegas", which were generated from Wingnut and Crispy respectively. But it's really about honesty. We can't hide the who we are."

Ghost Machine, which also features Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody and former Motograter drummer Chris "Crispy" Binns, recently released the band's debut album 'Hypersensitive' on Corporate Punishment Records. The album engineered and co-produced by Pete Murray (Ultraspank, Lo-Pro) and draws from a wide range of influences that range from like Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Tool and Ministry.

"The new CD is written and ready for studio. It's the most incredible stuff I've ever been involved with or written. We have yet to choose from 33 tracks which ones are going to represent our lives at this time." says Stevens. "It will be a double disc, with full band input as opposed to the last two releases being more of a directed out of my studio with Ivan. We are going to do full band rehearsals and get everyone involved. We are also looking at a few different producers to work with on many different songs to keep the sound vibrant, different and well rounded. The self titled and 'Hypersensitive' albums were mainly produced by me, but this time we want to find more outside perspectives that have the same vision we do then see what happens with the end result."

The group’s debut album, 'Hypersensitive', can be streamed in its entirety at

For more information on Ghost Machine, check out the band's Official Myspace page.
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'Saw III' Soundtrack Final Tracklisting Revealed
September 18, 2006
The final track listing for the upcoming 'Saw III' soundtrack, which hits stores on October 24th, has been revealed. The soundtrack, which is being released via Artist Addiction, Warcon Entertainment, and Fontana Distribution features some of the biggest names in Hard Rock and Metal. From veterans like Slayer, Helmet, Ministry, and Meshuggah to some of the best up and coming bands today such as Lamb Of God, Avenged Sevenfold, All That Remains, Eighteen Visions, Mastodon, and many more. Helmet's "Monochrome" will serve as the soundtrack's lead off single. The full tracklisting is as follows:

Saw III Soundtrack:
1. All That Remains- "This Calling"
2. Static-X- "No Submission"
3. Slayer- "Eyes Of The Insane"
4. Lamb of God- "Walk With Me In Hell"
5. Helmet- "Monochrome"
6. Disturbed- "Guarded"
7. Blue October- "Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek"
8. Drowning Pool- "No More"
9. Avenged Sevenfold- "Burn It Down"
10. Eighteen Visions- "Your Nightmare"
11. Opiate For The Masses- "Dead Underground"
12. Bullet For My Valentine- "Suffocating Under Words (What Can I Do) "
13. Ministry- "Fear Is Big Business"
14. Mastodon- "The Wolf Is Loose"
15. Hydrovibe (feat. Shawnee Smith)- "Killer Inside"
16. HourCast- "Sakkara"
17. Meshuggah- "Shed"
18. The Smashup- "Effigy"
19. Ghost Machine- "Siesta Loca"
20. Charlie Clouser- "S*!thole Theme"
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Five Finger Death Punch Complete Work on Debut Album
June 9, 2006
Former Motograter/current Ghost Machine vocalist Ivan (Ghost) has issued the following update on his current activities:

"I get more e-mails than I can possibly reply to, so I decided to publicly answer all the questions about what I'm up to and where I stand with Motograter.

"First off, I'd like to thank all the fans for their continuous support. I also would like to thank Korn, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, Chimaira, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Kittie, Ministry, Ozzy, Sharon and the Ozzfest crew and everyone else I had the honor and privilege to tour with.

"I had an awesome time with Motograter and I have NOT separated from my Moto brethren with any malice or bitterness! We are just as much family now, as we have always been. We have achieved more than I ever imagined. We stormed Ozzfest in 2003, were the featured band on 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', NASCAR 2004, and voted 'Best Band' of 2004 by Hit Parader. What a ride! …But times change and the pages of my musical life have changed as well.

"I am proud to announce that I'm fronting a new ULTRA MEGA METAL band —

"When Five Finger Death Punch came around, I couldn't say no. It is EVERYTHING I ever loved about metal!! True, dominating, BADASS unforgiving METAL!! Everyone who heard it understood why I have to do this, and gave me their blessings and best wishes. I am putting my undivided attention, and full efforts into Five Finger Death Punch. And believe me when I say, IT'S FUCKIN WORTH IT!!

"Thanx again for the continued support and I will see ya all very soon!"

Five Finger Death Punch recently completed work on their debut album, The Way of the Fist. Check out the songs "Ashes", "A Place to Die" and "The Bleeding" at

On a related note, Ghost Machine have finished work on their second album, Hypersensitive, which is set for release on August 29th, 2006 via Corporate Punishment Records. (The band's first album was independently released va their own label Black Blood Records.) Check out tracks from Ghost Machine on their Myspace webpage.
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HOME TOWN: Los Angeles, CA
John Stevens - Guitar
Ivan (Ghost) - Vocals
Chris "Crispy" Binns - Drums
Mike "Mikey" McLaughlin - Bass
Brett "Wingnut" Davis - Electronics

It was a chance meeting between Ivan (Ghost) and John Stevens that brought these two musical forces together one fateful day. Ivan’s band, Motograter (Elektra), was set to perform live on-air at XM Radio. Stevens, an XM Radio producer and guitar player (Winter’s Bane/The Clay People), was taken in by Ivan’s vocals and felt he would be a natural fit for material he had been working on since the disbanding of his former project. Stevens presented his material to Ivan and the two instantly began their musical partnership.
After a few late night studio sessions, Ivan and Stevens realized they had something special. They soon began assembling the musical ensemble that would help make their vision become to reality.
The two visionaries did not have to look far to find Chris “Crispy” Binns of Motograter to handle the precision drumming requirements for the project. Being a seasoned veteran, Crispy brings an infectious drive to the material along with an impeccable meter.
Soon after, the band enlisted, Brett “Wingnut” Davis to take on the electronics, programming and keyboards. Wingnut was a natural choice and immediate fit with his prior experience, musical sense and his use of cutting edge technology.
The final addition was Mike “Mikey” McLaughlin on bass and bass synth detail. Along with his unique use of effects on bass, Mikey also brought his years of touring and business sense to help round out the project.
The band recently completed its first self-titled CD, which was engineered and co-produced by Pete Murray (Lo-Pro).
“This is the most positive musical experience I have ever been a part of,” says Ivan of Ghost Machine. ”There is so much excitement about what we are creating. I can’t wait for everyone else to hear this…”
While being influenced by sounds of NINE INCH NAILS, THE CURE, PINK FLOYD, ALICE IN CHAINS, TOOL and MINISTRY, Ghost Machine has managed to paint its own portrait of an electronic emotionally rich landscape while still capturing the edge and raw energy that is heavy rock.