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Gadget Announce Tour Dates
July 5, 2010
Gadget has announced a handful of summer tour dates around their appearance at the 2010 Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic on July 24th. This is Gadget's first run of dates out in over three years and they will be premiering a host of new material during the shows. A listing of confirmed tour dates and cities can be found below with more to be announced soon.

Gadget is touring in support of their upcoming split release with Phobia. The split will be released in the coming weeks on vinyl (via Power It Up), CD (via Haunted Hotel Records), and digitally (via Relapse Records). Additional information on the release can be found here. Six of the seven brand new Gadget tracks to be featured on the split can be heard now via the band's Myspace page.

Additional information on Gadget can be found via the band's official website at and the band's Official Myspage page:

Gadget Tour Dates:
7/21 - Malmo, Sweden - Utkanten
7/22 - Potsdam, Germany - Archiv
7/23 - Prague, Czech Rep. - Modra Vopice
7/24 - Rokycany, Czech Rep. - Fluff Fest (w/ Municipal Waste, Ramming Speed, Amen Ra, more)
7/25 - Passau, Germany - Zeughaus
7/26 - Rostock, Germany - Alte Zuckerfabrik
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The adventures of Gadget is not an easy saga to tell, especially when it comes to sorting out the bits that are important or essential. Not much of the bands less-epic background is really worth mentioning... in fact, some of it should be confidential. But if I anyways would tell the story from the very start I should think it would have to be told about another band. Abegail. I (William) was once upon a time part of this new school hardcore band from Gävle together with a number of friends. Gadget was from the beginning more of a side project to the ordinary band than a band by it self. Gadget consisted of the same members as Abegail, with the exception that we all had different instruments. As you could guess, we sucked. But as it was more for the laugh of it than anything else, it seemed like a useful thing to do. Recording songs and playing live and all. Gadget played (or tried to play) new school crust. We released one demotape, Imitation of the grim reaper, but it luckily didn't spread very widely. And after I quit Abegail in the end of 98, nobody even talked about Gadget. It was (I suppose) considered a dead project, if ever alive. So time made its justice and i grew another year, leaving Abegail behind me and joining up with local death metal band "Withered Beauty", where I still bend the guitar strings. On the side of my god of gittarrr career I tried my luck with a local grindcore project called Leviathan. We rehearsed and played a few gigs, but things didn't work out in the end, and i left them. Convincing myself that there was justice to be found! That the goddess of grind one day would smile towards me and bless me with her bliss! So I started making plans to start making music for myself, by myself and with myself. The beginning of Gadget was starting to take place. So now you're wondering - why would this new project have anything to do with the Gadget i played in 98?? Nothing, off course, but the fact that we use the same name and I am in it. To make things more easy to understand; I kicked out all the old members except myself. To make it even more simple ; I just kept the name. After all, I came up with it. Another thing you might be asking yourself is why Gadget (as the new foundation) was planned to be a solo project... The answer is simple yet long. I was fed up with playing in bands without substance. I was fed up with being in just one of those other projects that disappear after a couple of months. I was fed up with the shallow lyrics and the focus on "cool" instead of "honest" or even "good". I wanted, but for once, to play grind/metal with something more to offer than just "cool" music, I wanted to record a demo and show it to my mother and say "Here... this is me. This is what i created." and stand up for it. Who ever said grindcore wasn't about being serious? The next step in this "soon-to-be-a-legend" biography is when I got fed up with not being able to try out riffs and beats without the use of my 8-track. It got so lonely in the rehearsal... sitting there drumming and riffing and writing all by myself. So I came up with the idea that if I could find some people with a simular attitude towards the art of grinding, perhaps it would benefit the situation. This is where the second half of Gadget enters the picture. Grindmaster Rikard! I can't say i really knew him all that well, but we had our little conversations here and there on the local gigs, and I knew he was a master of distortion since he played in one of Gävles crustiest bands; Shitstorm! (R.I.P) I also knew we had a very similar taste in music, and that we seemed to get along fine, even if we hadn't tried under longer periods of time. Now, a while later, I cant be anything but pleased that things work out as good as they do. So why haven't we found ourselves a drummer and someone to play the bass? Well... actually we DID try out a few drummers and (if anyone reads this and is interested) would be happy to try out some more, but we still haven't found someone that really fits. And instead of taking on a drummer that doesn't fit in, just to be able to play live, we decided to wait and until then do it the way we started out. With me on the drums as well. This way we can do everything except play live, and if that is the price for the music to turn out as we want it, so be it.