From Ashes Rise
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Album Releases

HOME TOWN: Portland, OR
John Wilkerson (vocals/guitar)
Brad Boatright (vocals/guitar)
David Atchison (drums)
Billy Davis (bass)

Jade Tree is proud to release Nightmares, the explosive new album from hardcore luminaries, From Ashes Rise. In today's bitter times, visceral listening experiences like the one this album provides are as necessary and vital as oxygen consumption. Nightmares is designed to put a hole between your ears and pump rage and joy through your heart, and it succeeds wildly - It's that good. In the last six years, this Portland, OR by way of Nashville, TN outfit has established and allied itself alongside the likes of His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy, some of the most visionary punk outfits of our times. During their journey, the band has quickly cultivated a diverse, intelligent and dedicated fan base. From Ashes Rise are masters of dynamics. the dual guitar attack of John Wilkerson and Brad Boatright coupled with their shared vocal growls yield abrupt slabs of a hot, frenzied sonics - the rhythm section of David Atchison on drums and Billy Davis on bass somehow steers the frontline's wild tones into crushing new avenues. This record finds the band re-vamping their approach, transcending an intensity that's been boiling for years. Reflecting the heat they spent their first summers playing in as a band: harsh, all enveloping, humid and relentless, Nightmares ups the ante significantly through fiery guitar antics, thundering percussion and revelatory sentiment. "Matt Bayles as our producer (The Blood Brothers, Isis, These Arms Are Snakes) had a lot to do with it - we went in feeling like we wanted to make a big step writing and our performance rose to the occasion.", concurs Singer/Guitarist Brad Boatright. From Ashes Rise, however, don't just want to rock you. "The lyrics are a chronicle of what's happening in the world - musically it fits together with that." Boatright continues: "It's the way we see things and the oppressiveness of culture, the frustration we feel. Instead of just conveying a narrative, we want to connect to people. We want to inspire listeners and fans to do something themselves." The band will certainly inspire new fans and true die-hards throughout 2003 as they tour with labelmates Strike Anywhere and longtime fans Dillinger 4