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All Hail The End

Lift The Curse

As The Last Light Drains
All Shall Perish Featured In Online Video Game
September 12, 2007
Oakland, California-based melodic deathcore kings All Shall Perish are featured in "an addictive Guitar Hero-esque" online game at this location.

All Shall Perish will take part in the European Hell On Earth 2007 tour, which kicks off September 13 in Frankfurt, Germany. Also scheduled to appear are Walls Of Jericho, Fear My Thoughts, Born From Pain, Freya and From A Second Story Window.

All Shall Perish's latest CD, 'The Price of Existence', which came out in August 2006, marked the debut of new lead singer Hernan "Eddie" Hermida and new lead guitarist Chris Storey. The album was engineered by Zack Ohren (Light This City, Embrace The End) at Castle Ultimate Studios.
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Get Back In The Hood
July 13, 2004
Don't get your bandanas in a bunch, but the release date for Hoods/Freya split has been pushed back. The split will now hit stores on September 21st through Victory Records.
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Karl Buechner (vocals)
Darian Lizotte (guitar)
Corey Koniz (drums)
Bulldog (bass)
Erick Edwards (guitar)

Karl, Eric and Bulldog from Earth Crisis are back, coiled and ready to strike with their latest effort, FREYA. FREYA picks up where Earth Crisis left off, combining the drive, fervor and hatred of their past albums and a new sound that is the musical manifestation of abandonment, revenge, solitude and misery funneled through an accessibly melodic and brutally pulverizing soundtrack. ""As The Last Light Drains"" eliminates any preconceived notions of what ex-Earth Crisis members would deliver in the next phase of their career. This is a visionary band that has created a musical and conceptual hard rock masterpiece. From its inception in 1991 to its demise in 2001, Earth Crisis forged a name as one of the most outspoken bands of their era. They defined and totally influenced a musical movement that is reflected by bands like Hatebreed and charismatic front men like Davey from AFI. Earth Crisis recorded classic albums of protest against the conditions of the out-of-control industrial complex while winning legions of fans with their sheer power and explosiveness. In the course of a remarkable career, Earth Crisis sold over 300,000 albums, toured North America, Europe, Japan and South America; and was invited to express their beliefs in forums from CNN to the United States Congress. When the band came to a close, however, Karl Buechner was already making plans and conceptualizing a new project that would retain the heaviness of Earth Crisis while incorporating a new level of melodicism and a profoundly different thematic emphasis. After years of songs devoted to straight edge values, veganism and animal rights, FREYA have written an album revolving around emotions instead of intellectual thought. "With Earth Crisis we offered some of the possible solutions to problems we saw happening around us. With FREYA it is something different. It is purely a way of venting intense emotions." Karl explained. The songs on the album express a range of emotions from loss, anger and despair to a hard-won self-acceptance and even inklings of redemption. FREYA's dynamic can be partly explained by a new diversity of beliefs within the band. With new members Darien Lizotte (guitar, vocals) and Corey Koniz (drums) joining Karl, Eric and Bulldog in music but not in lifestyle choices, there is a new balance that pervades every aspect of the band. Karl says, "Dariens vocals will be a surprise curveball for some longtime Earth Crisis fans, with his clean sound, and his songwriting and musical approach fit perfectly with the direction we were going. We wanted to make a record that hung in the balance, expressing the truth of our reality, which includes acknowledging and appreciating beauty as well as anger and pain." With new blood that complimented and enhanced his ideas, Karl and the rest of the band went to work writing "As The Last Light Drains" and preparing to record. The album was recorded at Watchmen Studios with Doug White engineering and co-producing with members of the band. From the clean listenability of the title track to the heavy yet melodic sound of Resuscitate, "As The Last Light Drains" proves to be a truly original album, covering intensely personal ground for FREYA and setting the stage for another critical and commercial success for some of the hardcore scene's figureheads. FREYAs performance at the New Years Day Fest in Syracuse blew fans away, some of who traveled from around the world for the chance to see the new line-up. They did not disappoint, launching an all out assault that left fans exhausted yet exhilarated establishing their dominance of the stage once and for all. Filming of the video for "As The Last Light Drains" commences shortly, with longtime fan Davey Havok from AFI in a starring role. FREYA will be on tour throughout 2003.