Forever In Terror
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The End

Restless In The Tides
Forever In Terror: New Song On Monday, New Album In May
January 25, 2009
Streetsboro, Ohio's extremely underrated melodicore unit, Forever In Terror, have issued a brief update via the band's Myspace page:

Forever In Terror - 'The End', in stores May 12th, 2009 [on] Standby Records. The album artwork is avaiable below.

New Song "Defiled Within" [on] Monday 10PM!

Please visit our page and donate if possible. Pre-order package available soon!

For more information, visit, or
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HOME TOWN: Streetsboro, Ohio
Chris Bianchi - Vocals
Glenn Moore - Lead Guitar
Ben Kantura - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Chad Lundgren - Bass Guitar
Nick Borukhovsky - Drums
Mike Wartko - Keys

FOREVER IN TERROR, who's sound is a mix of modern day metal, black metal and thrash, began just over three years ago with five friends in Streetsboro, Ohio about 30 miles outside of Cleveland. The band was formed by drummer Nick Borukhovsky and between 2003 - 2006 the band went through both name and member changes to finalize its current lineup of Nate Marti (rhythm guitar), Josh Owen (bass) and Nick Borukhovsky (drums), Tim Felger (vocalist) and Johnny Burke (lead guitar). Upon finishing their demo "Forever In Terror" the band had Sheehan shop the demo to several record labels. In October of 2005, the members of FOREVER IN TERROR learned that Metal Blade Records was putting an offer in on the band. In January 2006, the band accepted the offer from Metal Blade.

"We are completely elated about the signing and what is to come for us in the near future. All of us are only seventeen years old and we are still having trouble accepting the fact that our dreams are coming true at such a young age. To be a part of the Metal Blade Records family and to be represented alongside bands such as Unearth, As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Six Feet Under and so many of our other favorite bands, its just amazing. We know we are young, but we are humble, and we want fans of NWOAHM to judge the music not the age,� stated Borukhovsky.