Figure Four
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Album Releases

Suffering The Loss
Andrew (vocals)
Metal Mel (guitar)
Jeremy (guitar)
Bailey (bass)
Steve (drums)

Figure Four, the newest addition to the Solid State family, can plainly be described in one word: brutal. Seasoned warriors of the hardcore arena, they emerge with violent intensity and a sound that is down-right imposing. Figure Four has wasted no time in their four year existence. Two full length releases and near-constant touring is quickly paying off. With the launch of their third assault, "Suffering the Loss", the band is primed and focused as become one of the big names in this cut throat genre where only the very best see daylight, let alone survive. For Figure Four, the incessant battle has already taken them further than they'd ever imagined, and the scars are merely a trophy. International tours from Brazil to Seattle and everywhere in between, sharing the stage with the likes of Hatebreed, Sick Of It All and others, Figure Four's fierce work ethic has won them a name and spawned a rampant following. With this, their Solid State debut, Figure Four has crossed into all-new territory, creating a sound that simply dwarfs any past effort, both in speed and sheer heaviness. A series of member changes since day one has brought this band to their current line-up, one that moves as a well-oiled machine. From the break-neck, double-kick driven tempos and chugging guitars to the ferociously passionate vocals, "Suffering the Loss" commands attention. With no intention of giving up, prepare to see Figure Four on tour all summer and into the Fall of 2003.