Fall Of Eden
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Album Releases

Dawn Of A New Age
HOME TOWN: Chicago, IL
Taylor "Manbearpig" Cooper - Vocals and Guitar
Steve Howe - Guitar and Keyboards
Jason Meyer - Guitar
Ray "Robot Monster" Knoebel - Drums and Percussion
Russ Knoebel - Bass and Vocals

Fall of Eden has taken a different road than most Chicago-area bands, staying away from what is pop music. Formed late in 2001, four young teens from Woodridge, IL set out to create a unique and enjoyable musical experience. Drawing inspiration from works of many bands in a wide range of music, they have produced a unique blend of sounds that is all their own. The boys started practicing in their basements. Many local shows soon followed and they began picking up a cult following. Moreover, as the band began to grow, Ray Knoebel was brought in to help take the drums in the direction they wanted to go. Finally, in 2005, Steve Howe was added as the 3rd guitarist to create a sound that is complex, melodic, simple, and heavy, all of which are characteristics that now define Fall of Eden's sound. The band works together to create a sonically mystifying experience with an impressive sound that many bands struggle for years to create. Ray's drumming creates a bottom, heavy foundation that always drives the band forward with sharp attacks and fast double bass runs. Russ' thick buzz-saw basslines create an in-your-face sound that drives through and tops off what the drums have laid down. The bass is a perfect balance to Taylor, Jason and Steveís beautifully harmonizing melodic guitars, reminiscent of the guitars of Iron Maiden. Taylor and Steve both swirl their different influences into their solos to create complex solos with a sound all to their own. These elements have caught the attention of many in the local community and always bring many to shows to see and hear what Fall of Eden is. Early in 2005, Fall of Eden decided it was time to take it outside Illinois and soon began to do tours, gaining the support of fans in surrounding states. After returning home from tour in late August 2006, Fall of Eden began work on their first-ever full length CD, and were approached by Sonic Wave International to help press and release their debut. Fall of Edenís "Dawn of a New Age" will be initially released on Sonic Wave in early 2007 and is sure to create a stir in the metal community.