Fallen Figure
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HOME TOWN: Los Angeles
Johnny Cruz - Guitar
Dan Sugarman - Guitar
Sonik Garcia - Vocals
Gabe Lopez - Drums

Within the recent past, the death metal scene has been riddled with new talent; yet very few acts go above and beyond the standards set for them. Fallen Figure, a five-piece band from Los Angeles, push the limits with unbelieveable force. Drawing influences from such bands as The Faceless and Suffokate, their 2006 released demo entitled "Eulogy" delivers a powerful punch. Their music is both fast-paced and complex with a perfect dose of bone-crushing breakdowns and hardcore beatdowns. Slinging riffs left and right reminiscent of the likes of Lamb of God and The Black Dahlia Murder, this band is a sure crowd pleaser.

Fallen Figure was founded by Grady Bell, Ian Webb, and Steven Davis in 2004 as a 3 piece under the name Anacrusis. Within a month or Nathan Doiev joined in on lead guitar and the band started playing local shows in small hometown venues. Despite their young age, they had started creating a small local following. They then added Andrew Ollen to cement their live show into a truly electrifying performance. By November 2005 the band had changed their name to Fallen Figure and refined their sound into something truly original. January 2006 they released their self titled debut release; featuring such songs as the thrashy "Fire at Will" and the breakdown intensive "Cold War." February 2006 they added a new talented rhythm guitarist: Daniel Sugarman. With Dan now contributing to the writing process they began to refine their sound more and more. They then churned out the fall of ག release entitled "Eulogy" with their new found sound and skill. "Eulogy" was produced at the reknown Lovejuice Labs(As I Lay Dying: Shadows are Security, Underneath the Gun: Prepare the Bodies.) With the songs from the EP, they now had an arsenal of sheer brutality to unleash on the scene.

The members include Gabe Lopez on drums, Daniel Sugarman on guitar, Johnny Cruz on guitar, and fronting the band is Sonik Garcia. Playing venues such as Showcase Theatre, The Alley, and Hogue Barmichaels, Fallen Figure has displayed their knack for knocking a crowd on its ass. Despite their youth they play with the intensity of seasoned bands before them. This group of amazing musicians is a force to be reckoned with. With a blend of talent and a pool of ideas, Fallen Figure is destined for great things in the future.

** Despite having gone through several line up changes in the last few years, Fallen Figure is still going strong and is a force to be reckoned with in the Southern California scene. The band have made huge strides in refining their sound and honing their skills as musicians, and as it is with anyone who strives for success, things have only continued to get better for them. Look for some new music this year and some big announcements to be made by the band in the very near future.**