Fahrenheit 420
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Underwhelmed Hit The Road In Support Of Ep Release
December 3, 2007
Brooklyn, NY is known for many things, but great Modern Rock is probably not one of them. Now the BK’s best kept secret, Underwhelmed, are looking to change that, breaking out with a 3 Month tour in support of their recently released EP, 'The War Between Myself and Me', available at shows and via mail-order and iTunes, with a full-length to follow in early 2008 on Corporate Punishment Records/Koch.

Since forming nearly a decade ago, the explosive NYC quintet have amassed a huge underground following with their brand of infectious blue collar Hard Rock, which has gained comparisons to everyone from Nickelback to Fuel, Pearl Jam to Springsteen, and incendiary live shows up and down the East Coast including legendary NYC haunts CBGB’s, Arlene’s Grocery, L’Amours, BB King’s, and more.

The EP, produced and co-written by Thom Hazaert (Chimaira, Switched, Erase The Grey), and engineered and mixed by Ben Schigel (Drowning Pool, Walls of Jericho, Chimaira), features 5 tracks from the bands forthcoming Corporate Punishment debut, due in stores early 2008.

Vocalist Chris Amplo said "We're very excited to get out on the road and play these new songs for people. We've been working on these new songs for so long, and just writing and recording, and the reaction we've already gotten is incredible. And the Midwest is really where a Rock band can still go out and just kick ass every night and win new fans. Unfortunately you can't really do that in NYC, especially a band like us. We've always been kinda the odd man out, not heavy enough, not weird enough, whatever. (A topic the band tackles in their song "Freak") Now we've found other great bands to play with, and a scene that has really embraced us and the music we're making, which is a great feeling."

Underwhelmed w/ Fahrenheit 420:

12/27 - Carnaval Court @ Harrah’s - Las Vegas, Nevada
12/28 - Carnaval Court @ Harrah’s - Las Vegas, Nevada
12/29 - Carnaval Court @ Harrah’s - Las Vegas, Nevada
12/30 - Carnaval Court @ Harrah’s - Las Vegas, Nevada
12/31 - Carnaval Court @ Harrah’s - Las Vegas, Nevada
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HOME TOWN: Green Bay, WI
Jon Shoen - Vocals/Guitar
Rob Szymik - Guitar/Vocals
Chad Dimoulin - Guitar
Chad Martz - Bass
Nick Johnson - Drums  

Green Bay's Fahrenheit 420 are no strangers to hard work. Forming in 2003, the band has since played a rigourous schedule of almost 150 shows a year, quickly spreading their infectious brand of Hard Rock throughout the Midwest. Add to that recording their debut LP In My Prime, and it's follow-up Violet EP, as well as an upcoming full length , and you can quickly see that F420 is a band not content to just sit around.

"We just got sick of sitting around Green Bay doing the same thing, running around in circles, and decided we would go try to make shit happen for ourselves", says vocalist Jon Shoen. "In a town like Green Bay there really aren't a lot of opportunities to go beyond that, so you just keep looking for it but it never comes."

Opportunity finally came knocking in the form of producer, and Corporate Punishment Records President Thom Hazaert, also a Green Bay native, who had been a childhood friend of Fahrenheit bassist Chad Martz, and caught the band live on a trip back home. After some conversations, plans were made to take them back to LA to record a record.

"There really isn't a lot going on in Green Bay", adds Shoen."Don't get me wrong, the people that ARE in the scene are great and are very supportive, but there just really isn't much of one. So we hooked up with Thom and he suggested going to LA to do a record, so we figured what the hell, we got nothing to lose, ya know."

Together, they enlisted the services of engineer Dave Dominguez, who had engineered records for major artists including Papa Roach, Guns N' Roses, The Offspring, and Weezer, and locked themselves in his Arcadia studio to record the tracks that would eventually surface on the Violet EP, which hits stores in June via Corporate Punishment. The 6 track EP, featuring 4 of the tracks from the LA sessions, and covers of The Stones "Paint it Black", and Leadbelly's "Black Betty" is already  receiving massive airplay on major stations throughout Wisconsin including WZOR and WAPL, and drawing comparisons to artists as diverse as Fuel, Guns N' Roses, and Buckcherry, who coincidentally the band has lined up a support slot with in June.

"Great things keep happening", says Shoen, "and we're just gonna keep doing what we can to keep the momentum going. More and more people are coming out to the shows, the response has been amazing, and we're just gonna take it as far as we can."