Eyes Set To Kill
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The World Outside
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01. Heights (3:25)
02. Hourglass (3:26)
03. Deadly Weapons (3:35)
04. Interlude (0:59)
05. The World Outside (3:46)
06. March Of The Dead (4:19)
07. Wake Me Up (4:07)
08. The Hollow Pt. 1 (0:55)
09. The Hollow (3:19)
10. Risen (2:49)
11. Her Eyes Hold The Apocalypse (3:00)
12. Come Home (4:15)


Eyes Set To Kill

The World Outside

BreakSilence/ Suburban Noize

four stars

  Now here's a group that just busts their hump, touring and recording. All awhile, re-crafting their instrumentations, and re-focusing their sound to a level that proves Eyes Set To Kill is in it for the long-haul. The Phoenix-based group has grown legions beyond their debut, and come up with a big sound on The World Outside. Frontwoman, Alexia Rodriguez said she wanted the critics and fans alike to recognize the growth and maturity of the bands song-structuring. This is one critic and fan that makes that acknowledgment to her statement about their second release. And, major kudos to the group.  Because it's easily discernible  about thirty seconds into the first track on TWO that ESTK has elevated their song-crafting technique to an entirely different level. Rodriguez' vocals are powerful and seductive and may leave some men feeling emasculated. Because she's got some balls too, baby! She's a real tough one. And, her vocals are too.

  Guitarist/vocalist Brandon Anderson off-sets the domineering Rodriguez with a great sounding set of screaming pipes. He adds an elemental rawness that amalgamates ESTK's palette to its very own personal distinction. "Heights" and "Hourglass" are excellent examples of his demonstrative throat capabilities. Anderson's guitar-work is very busy, hook-laiden and octave ascending. Adding a real vivacious persona on TWO. And, drummer Caleb Clifton accents that aggro-hook style, propelling  the bottom-line resonantly and authoritatively. The title track finds Rodriguez questioning "the world outside" with a subtle pop infliction, and should be buzzing through sky-waves by summertime. While the sixth track, "March Of The Dead" has a sharp, fast precision-like attack verse, contouring a dark and ominous chorus and bridge passage. ESTK balances a good portion of their songs to this element, and will whew their fans at every live venue that they play. And, reaching out assertively snatching many new fans as well.

BOTTOM LINE: This quintet out of Phoenix proves be moving mountains through the dessert with their latest offering. (How's that for an analogy?) All awhile, taking a great notice and recycling it back to The World Outside. - Gigz Giger

RATING: 9/11

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