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Eyes of Fire Seeking Replacement Keyboardist
May 26, 2006
Orange County ambient-metal quintet EYES OF FIRE have parted ways with keyboardist Pete Truax. "He was released of all his duties within the band and will no longer be representing the band in any way, shape, or form," the group write on their web site. "Unfortunately, Pete's disrespect for fellow bandmates as well as other bands on the ['One Nation Undivided' tour with ILL NINO, GOD FORBID, SILENT CIVILIAN and BLEED THE SKY] was the cause of his release. EYES OF FIRE wish Pete great luck in the future and hopes he finds a band or a career which will fulfill all his needs and wishes.

"Now, that being said EYES OF FIRE will be finishing the tour without keyboards. The show last night in San Diego was great and the band did not miss a step.

"EYES OF FIRE will be looking for a new keyboard player/noise generator to fill in this gap once the tour is over. The band requests all interested parties to send their demos as well as a short resume which should include past band experience and influences to:

Eyes of Fire Keyboard Search
1118 E Walnut St Unit A
Santa Ana, CA 92701

"Applicants must be willing to relocate if they are not from the Southern California area."

EYES OF FIRE's "One Nation Undivided" tour, which runs through early June, is the group's first major national run in support of their latest CD, "Prisons", which was recorded at Grandmaster Recorders (TOOL, NINE INCH NAILS) with renowned producer Matt Bayles (MASTODON, ISIS).
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Eyes of Fire-New Video to debut on Headbanger's Ball
May 19, 2006
Orange County-based quintet EYES OF FIRE are currently annihilating crowds on the "One Nation Undivided" tour with ILL NINO, GOD FORBID, SILENT CIVILIAN and BLEED THE SKY. The Jagermeister-sponsored, 28-city major market assault, which kicked off on May 10 and runs through early June, is the group's first major national run in support of their critically acclaimed new album, "Prisons", which was recorded at Grandmaster Recorders (TOOL, NINE INCH NAILS) with renowned producer Matt Bayles (MASTODON, ISIS). A video for the track "It All Dies Today" was shot by acclaimed director Gary Smithson (EXODUS, HIGH ON FIRE); look for it to make its "Headbanger's Ball" debut on MTV2 this Saturday, May 20 at 10:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. PST.

Commented Dan Kaufman (guitar, vocals) checks: "We're currently sitting backstage in Houston getting ready to fucking destroy the stage once again on the 'One Nation Undivided' tour. The shows so far have kicked some major fucking ass and to make things that much better our video for 'It All Dies Today' will make its 'Headbanger's Ball' debut this Saturday night. This is something that we are all extremely excited about. Be sure to check it out and tell all your friends about it. Also, everyone better get out to these shows early. The shows have early door times and we are switching off set times with our brothers BLEED THE SKY, so get there early and support some great metal. This tour has been fun so far and we're just getting started. We're one giant family out there and all the bands are having a blast with each other."
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HOME TOWN: Orange County, CA
Matt Fisher (vocals / bass)
Dan Kaufman (vocals / guitar)
Bobby Thomas (guitar)
Nicky Bernardi (drums)
Pete Truax (keyboards)

The Southern California area is widely known for its brush fires and earthquakes, but there has been a new devastating force developing as of late, which is about to wreak havoc upon the world. This vicious source of power is known as EYES OF FIRE, whose abrasiveness and bone-shattering bottom end will shake the earth’s foundation and bring the masses to their knees. Their highly-anticipated sophomore release, Prisons, is a furious display of anger, beauty, creativity and sheer emotion, which is displayed in each track on this 10-track epic. Sit back, open your mind and prepare for Prisons, a devastating aural assault that will captivate your body and haunt your soul. This maniacal ambient savagery was originally developed years ago with Dan Kaufman (vocals, guitars) and Matt Fisher (vocals, bass), better known as the founding members and creative force behind the defunct critically acclaimed Mindrot (Relapse Records). After the inevitable demise of Mindrot, the legacy stood at two full-length albums, three EPs, four demos and multiple compilation appearances. This only fueled the fire to form Shiva (now under the EYES OF FIRE moniker) in 1998. Shiva’s goal was to build a stronger, more cohesive unit of sheer strength and solidarity, which is the foundation of their strong work ethic. This goal was not far from their grasp. With a full line-up in tact, the group immediately started demoing new tracks and playing numerous shows up and down the West Coast. After performing alongside such genre heavyweights as Meshuggah, Cave In, Isis, Strapping Young Lad, COC, Lacuna Coil and Napalm Death, the group quickly started to become an extremely well-versed and intense live act. In 2001, they recorded their 2nd official demo that quickly caught the attention of Century Media Records, who eventually signed them to a worldwide deal. With over two albums worth of material completed, EYES OF FIRE were ready to hit the studio to record their debut album. In February 2003, the group entered Maple Studios (Lit, Manntis, Ignite) in Southern California with producer Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Danzig, Godsmack). A month later they emerged with 12 tracks of sonic brilliance. EYES OF FIRE’s debut offering, Ashes To Embers, lashed out with a barrage of intensity, leaving the listener victim to a sonic pummeling, while still walking a fine line between melody and brutality. The album stunned critics and fans alike and gave them a much-needed alternative to the current influx of metalcore. The group succeeds in areas where most bands today don’t even bother venturing; songwriting, hooks and emotion thus drawing similarities to such cult icons as Anathema, Katatonia and Neurosis. The recent addition of guitarist Bobby Thomas and drummer Nicky Bernardi also added more versatility and aggression to the band’s sonic chaos, which is extremely evident in their recent live performances. The group toured relentlessly in support of their debut offering, on major packages with the likes of Apocalyptica, Danzig, Trivium and Kataklysm, Bonding with musicians and fans alike, helped them garner a loyal and rabid underground following. In Jan. 2005 EYES OF FIRE entered Grandmaster Recorders (Tool,NIN) to begin tracking Prisons. With the drums and bass firmly in place they finished tracking at their own Shiva Industries and the results were unlike anything they ever expected. They self-produced the effort, and upon handing the mix off to acclaimed producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis), it took on a life of its own. Collectively the group has grown greatly as musicians and songwriters over the past two years and is now poised to show all genres what they are truly capable of with this release. A video for the track “It All Dies Today” was recently shot by acclaimed director Gary Smithson (Exodus, High On Fire) and will be included on the new disc, which will also feature a special bonus disc containing the lone track “Home,” a stunning 25-minute barrage of intensity. There is a clear battle within each track on Prisons that displays the anguish and despair people normally experience along with the perseverance it takes to prevail and make it through each day. The lyrical content behind such tracks as “Blood” and “Dead to the World” is of a harsh reality and the music provides the soundtrack to this emotional rollercoaster ride. This is an album that anyone in today’s spite-filled society can relate to and also one that will hopefully add a glimmer of optimism to it. In today’s world of mainstream, corporate rock domination, it is rare to find a band that can make a person feel something special. After one listen to Prisons, one can ensure that EYES OF FIRE will force either a mental or physical reaction from the listener. The only thing is, who knows just exactly what the end result of this reaction may be.