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A Consequence Of Design
Epicurean Checks In From The Road
September 22, 2009
Minneapolis, MN epic extreme metal powerhouse, Epicurean, is currently travelling across North America with Luna Mortis and power metal giants, Edguy. Tickets can be purchases in advance at www.enterthevault.com.

Vocalist John Laramy updates us from the road: “So as we were pulled into the immigration office at the Canadian border which immediately took on the appearance of the typical "band-ass-raping" that in sues every time an American band attempts to cross the border to the land of our northern neighbors; I couldn't help but think to myself that this is just yet another issue to add to the shit-heap of problems we've dealt with in pre-production for this tour…Visas cancelled for our lead guitarist, bus broken down, and a million other annoyances that have accumulated over the past few weeks leading up to this moment locked in the immigration office.

However, a few hours and a few hundred dollars, American dollars I may add, we were on our way to Toronto…a little battered, considerably more broke, but in the grand scheme of this not too much worse for the wear…Two traffic stops later (under completely bogus pretenses I might add) we FINALLY arrived in Toronto.

I will say this about Toronto: Very cool city, the women are amazing and the food is great, and in typical "Canadian-metalhead" fashion, the crowd at the Opera House more than exceeded everyone's expectations by leaps and bounds. Incredible show! I think even Bigfoot made a brief appearance, decked out in full hockey gear and banged his head like one of the trailer park boys on a 5 day coke bender.

The next day, off to Montreal, where once again the crowd blew all of us away, and despite the French accent, "fuck yeah" means the same thing no matter how you say it.
The rest of this tour is already shaping up to be an amazing time! We'll keep everyone updated! And for those of you in the cities we are playing next, we'd better see you here banging your heads! Keep it metal everyone!!!”

Epicurean's Metal Blade Records
debut, 'A Consequence Of Design', is available everywhere now and can be purchased on www.metalbladestore.com. Fans can check out live photos from the Logan Square Auditorium show in Chicago, IL on www.metalbuzz.net.

Tour Dates w/ Edguy, Luna Mortis:
09/19 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
09/20 - Calgary, AB - Warehouse
09/21 - Vancouver, BC - Plaza Club
09/23 - Victoria, BC - Sugar
09/24 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
09/25 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre
09/26 - Reno, NV - Tonic Lounge
09/27 - San Francisco, CA - Slims
09/28 - San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle
09/29 - Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
09/30 - Mesa, AZ - UB's Bar
10/01 - Las Vegas, NV - Four Aces

For more info on Epicurean, visit http://www.myspace.com/epicurean.
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Luna Mortis Embark On First Ever National Tour
September 7, 2009
The southern Wisconsin quintet, Luna Mortis, will embark on their first ever national tour alongside Edguy and Epicurean this week, so head over to the band's Official Myspace Page to view their complete touring itinerary.

The group’s new video for the track, “Forever More,” can be viewed below. The clip was directed by the renowned David Brodsky (All That Remains, Bleeding Through, Black Dahlia Murder).

Mary Zimmer
(vocals) further states: “We are so excited to be getting ready for our North American tour with Edguy and Epicurean! Getting things off to a good start, so far, and we've got a couple of lineup changes to announce for the tour. First of all, our bass player, Jake Bare, wasn't able to hit the road with us this time, so we are very happy to have producer Don DeBiase filling in on bass guitar for the entire tour. He's an incredible musician and performer and has produced music for us as well as bands like Beneath the Sky and Forever In Terror. He's a good friend of ours and we hope you will all enjoy watching him on stage with us this September.

“Also, due to circumstances beyond their control, Epicurean had both of their guitarists become unavailable for the tour last minute. So, both of our guitarists, Cory and Brian, are stepping up and doing double duty this tour and will be playing with Epicurean as well. On top of this awesome tour, we are finally releasing the video for the track ‘Forever More’ that was directed by David Brodsky. We are so pumped to show you this video. It was filmed in Monroe, WI at a place that used to be a church, but is now a concert hall. The stained glass in the building was great and working with David was incredible and we are so excited to share the video with you all. See you out on the road with Edguy!”
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Edguy Return To North America In September
March 4, 2009
Touring in support of their Billboard Heatseekers charting new album, 'Tinnitus Sanctus' - which was released in North America on January 27th - Germany’s beloved power metallers, Edguy, are headed back to the U.S. and Canada this September to play 18 shows armed with their trademarked unbreakable spirit, unbeatable tongue-in-cheek attitude, and truckloads of talent to back everything up.

Direct support will come from Wisconsin’s Luna Mortis. Minnesota’s Epicurean will be openers.

09/05 - The Opera House – Toronto, ON – CANADA
09/06 - Club Soda – Montreal, QC – CANADA
09/09 - The Blender Theater (at Gramercy) – New York, NY
09/11 - Jaxx – West Springfield, VA
09/12 - Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
09/13 - The Pearl Room – Mokena, IL
09/15 - Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
09/16 - Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA
09/17 - The Riddell Center (at Univ. of Regina) – Regina, SK – CANADA
09/19 - Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
09/20 - Warehouse – Calgary, AB – CANADA
09/21 - Plaza Club – Vancouver, BC – CANADA
09/23 - Sugar Nightclub – Victoria, BC – CANADA
09/24 - El Corazon – Seattle, WA
09/25 - Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
09/27 - Slims – San Francisco, CA
09/28 - Jumping Turtle – San Marcos, CA
09/29 - The Key Club – Hollywood, CA

Advanced tickets are now on sale exclusively on www.Enterthevault.com through March 31st. On April 1st, they will be available through regular ticketing outlets.

View Edguy's video for “Ministry Of Saints” below.

To hear selections from 'Tinnitus Sanctus', visit www.myspace.com/EDGUY.

Visit Edguy online at www.EDGUY.net.
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Belphegor Issue New Album Update
January 15, 2009
Austrian blackened death metal heavyweights, Belphegor, are in the final stages of the writing process for their upcoming, as of yet untitled album. The record will follow up to 2008's 'Bondage Goat Zombie', which saw the band touring North America with such bands as Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Immolation and Rotting Christ.

Vocalist/guitarist and all around blasphemer, Helmuth, offered the following update: “Yes brothers and sisters, currently we're working on nine new sound collages. We started writing in April 2008 after the 'Bondage Goat Zombie' release, to create the new compositions for the eighth werk! The songs are basically completely finished and words can't really describe how enthusiastic and motivated we are to get into the studio and record this monster! It feels great to be creative again. Nefastus will be responsible for the drums on the new album. He is an old friend to the Belphegor family and has also blasted on our previous opus ‘Pestapokalypse VI’. We rehearse day and night since December to make it as tight and monumental as possible. Stay tuned demons, hell awaits!!!

The highly anticipated new album is tentatively scheduled for a worldwide release in the Fall of 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Catch Austria’s most dangerous band on the upcoming “Hordes of Chaos” tour in North America with Kreator, Exodus, Warbringer and Epicurean.

Confirmed dates are as follows:
04/07 - Sonar – Baltimore, MD
04/08 - Nokia Theater – New York, NY
04/09 - The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
04/10 - The Palladium – Worcester, MA
04/11 - Le Medley – Montreal, QC – CANADA
04/13 - Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC – CANADA
04/14 - The Opera House – Toronto, ON – CANADA
04/15 - Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
04/16 - The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
04/17 - House of Blues – Chicago, IL
04/18 - The Rock – Maplewood, MN
04/19 - Garrick Centre – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA
04/20 - The Distrikt – Regina, SK – CANADA
04/21 - Warehouse – Calgary, AB – CANADA
04/22 - Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
04/24 - Plaza Club – Vancouver, BC – CANADA
04/25 - Sugar – Victoria, BC – CANADA
04/26 - El Corazon – Seattle, WA
04/27 - Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
04/28 - Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
04/30 - House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
05/01 - House of Blues – San Diego, CA
05/02 - House of Blues – Hollywood, CA
05/03 - U.B’s Bar – Mesa, AZ
05/04 - Gator’s Bar & Grill – Farmington, NM
05/05 - Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
05/06 - Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
05/07 - Ridglea Theater – Ft. Worth, TX
05/08 - Scout Bar – San Antonio, TX
05/09 - Scout Bar – Houston, TX
05/11 - The Garage – St. Petersburg, FL
05/12 - Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
05/13 - The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
05/14 - Headliner’s Music Hall – Louisville, KY
05/15 - Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
05/16 - Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
05/17 - Jaxx – West Springfield, VA
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The Absence Issues Statement On Fresh Meat Tour Cancellation
June 18, 2008
Florida death thrashers The Absence have issued the following Official statement via the band's Myspace page regarding the cancellation of the Metal Blade Fresh Meat Tour:

"First, let us say that We (The Absence), absolutely hate to cancel tours and shows. We love our fans and try so hard to make it to everyone that wants to see us. Alright so heres the deal everyone...

Yes, we have once again had to cancel a tour. BUT, We are quite sick of candy coating everything and making it seem like it's really our fault. First, Rose Funeral had to drop off due to some personal reasons, we wish them the best. As Well as Epicurean having to drop off. After all said and done, The Absence and The Destro decided it wouldn't be worth the 7-8 sometimes 10-12 hour drives between shows for very small amounts of money. These small amounts of money would not even cover gas to get to the next show. Everyone knows how high gas prices are at this time so we need not go into that any further. This Month long tour was eventually turned into a 13 day tour after shows and venues were cancelling left and right due to the fact that Some Booking Agents can't do their jobs correctly and end up dealing with 15 year old promoters who are not yet experienced enough with putting on shows that enclude 4 national acts and have the show be a success. It just doesnt happen.

No, we are not "rockstars". But we do expect our guaranteed amount of money and decent meals every show. We sometimes drive all night and play shows exhausted as hell to make sure all of our fans are happy. And when our fans are happy we know we've done our job and have no room to complain. But when we can't even afford to get to the first show and probably cant afford to make it home, theres a problem. We just can't stay quiet and say we had to drop off for reasons that aren't true. It's all the "behind the scenes" politics that fans don't realize happen or see. Booking agents dropped the ball. Not the bands. Bottom line. We hope you all understand and still support us and the other bands that were suposed to be apart of this tour as well.

So, we're sorry to all of you that wont be able to see us this time around but we promise you we'll be back around in the end of 2008 with a full US / Canadian tour.
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HOME TOWN: Minneapolis, MN
John Laramy - Vocals
John Gensmer - Drums
Jared Schneider - Keyboards
John Major - Guitar
Jarod Mills - Guitar
Eli Pete - Bass

Formed in Minneapolis Minnesota in early 2004, Epicurean began developing their musical vision. Setting out to mend together a European influenced sound, with a deeply progressive nature, while at the same time, keeping their sound accessible. Not long after, the group started to hit the road, beginning the relentless touring schedule the band is still known for.

Two straight years of touring not only gained Epicurean a reputation as an intense and powerful live act; it also allowed them to compile the material for their debut record, “A Consequence of Design.” The guys then teamed up with producer Ari, and Inner Light studios to take on the project of tracking their debut release.

Later that year, Epicurean caught the attention of famed producer Don Debiase who then passed the band on to Manager Neil Sheehan. After signing on with Sheehan and HM Management, he began presenting the band to labels.

Not long after, Epicurean began receiving interest from Metal Blade Records, and in March of 2007, the band accepted the offer and joined the Metal Blade Family.

In May of 2007, following an appearance at the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival, the band will be joining with Don Debiase and Track 6 Studios to remix/re-master “A Consequence of Design” as well as record 2 additional tracks.

Already looking at a hectic touring schedule, Epicurean is setting out to promote their debut release, which will be released in January of 2008 through Metal Blade Records. As of now, the band is stronger and more focused than ever, and most likely coming to a town near you very soon…