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Paradise Burning
End Of All Announce Plans For Next Tour
June 22, 2004
Following their trek as a part of the Summer Bro-Down Tour, End Of All will be hitting the road with Into The Moat and Psyopus. Dates for the trek will be announced soon.
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Will Jackson (vocals)
Thomas Church (guitar)
Brandon Hamby (guitar)
Tony Holt (bass)
Alen Royal (drums)

Every once in a while a band comes along that really seems to get it. They don’t get caught up in the politics of their local music scene. They don’t write songs to fit into a certain genre. They just write what they know and try to have a little…a lot of fun. Enter – End of All. Combining such influences as Suffocation, Motley Crue, Messugah, Pantera, and Richard Pryor, End Of All creates a truly unique brand of brutal metal. End Of All writes what comes natural to them, they write the music that they would like to listen to; and they hope that you will listen and like it too. Originating in Mt. Airy N.C. during the spring of 2000, Thomas Church and Jeremy Stowers became acquainted while in search of other musicians to start their own breed of “hard” music. The brutal foundations of End Of All began when Mike Golding, Thomas Church, Tony Holt, and Jeremy Stowers got together at a run down practice space and began to churn out some of the most death-defying sounds that any of them had ever created. Though the time for this line up was limited, End Of All made a disturbing and very abrupt impact upon the local music scene of North Carolina and the surrounding states after just six months of their beginning. Within that same year, vocalist Mike Golding decided to leave the band to pursue his own musical interests, and the search began for another vocalist who could take End Of All to new heights of creativity and destruction. During this period End Of All began to progress musically and also began the search for another guitarist to fulfill their chaotic orchestra. Vocalist Will Jackson and guitarist Brandon Hamby stepped up to fill the vacancies in the line up and brought End Of All to a new level of intensity. During the winter of 2000 End Of All began writing and recording new material and was quickly picked up by Tribunal Records. With Tribunal’s backing, End Of All debuted on the split-disc "Born in Hell, Raised in Jail" with Bloodjinn, Sever The Falling, and Acedia. Then in 2001, End Of All put out their self-titled debut full-length on Tribunal. The impact that End Of All was making on the local metal scene was evident from the fact that this album sold over 1,000 copies in just 6 months. In late 2003, the current line-up came together with the addition of Alen Royal on drums; thus forming the intense fighting machine that is today’s “End of All.” Alen, whose near robotic fury keeps fans wondering constantly if End Of All programs their beats, combines with the blistering guitar riffage of both Tommy and Brandon to create a wall of sound that should come with a Surgeon General’s warning. Throughout End of All’s history they have rarely had a full-time bass player. Thus, over the years they have developed a unique live rig where Tommy fires his Dimebag Darrell-esque guitar playing through a split dual-head to bring the crunchy bass levels to a blistering volume. Brandon cradles the entire sound by splitting his guitar between cabinets to create some of the heaviest music human ears can withstand. Through all this sound, Will’s vocals come to the forefront. Wrenching out lyrics that range from prophetic introspection to the utterly ridiculous, Will belts out words with a piercing force that tests the true survival skills of the listener; or as Will himself puts it…”I suck.” End Of All brings these sounds together to create not only unbelievable songs, but also to form a live spectacle that challenges both the stamina of music fans and the structural supports of the venues they play. In mid-February, 2004 - End Of All will release their second full-length - “Paradise Burning” - on Venge Records. This album is the first to be recorded by the new line-up. “Paradise Burning’ combines a diverse mix of End of All’s influences from Death, Grind, Bluegrass, Classic Hair Metal, and even jazz to form their most brutal yet ambitious installment to date. Constantly, pushing the envelope and challenging the listener, End Of All offers the metal fans something familiar yet completely new and ground-breaking at the same time. End Of All will be supporting this album with tours in 2004 with both The Autumn Offering and The Judas Cradle so that music fans nationwide can be witness to the End of All.