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Album Releases

The Words In Ink Dont Lie
Charles Cure (vocals)
Ryan Rapp (guitar). Don Naylor (guitar)
Steve Booth (bass)
Jay Nowak (drums)

World - Renowned Rock Band Disappears - Fans crushed, police left puzzled by apparent kidnapping of Rock supergroup Endicott. By Mark VanPeoples Associated Press WASHINGTON - The Rock n' Roll Supergroup Endicott, was reported missing, Wednesday morning, from the Baltimore, Maryland area hotel where they had been staying since late Monday evening. The report was filed by the band's Road Manager, and famed tattoo artist, Dustin Horan after the group failed to meet him in the hotel lobby for breakfast Wednesday, as scheduled. Police on the scene confirm reports that the suite door was found forced open. Although the department would not go into detail, they did confirm that they had found signs of a struggle in the room including blood and a ransom note. "Until we receive information leading us to believe otherwise", says Police Chief Charles Moose,"the investigation is being handled as a kidnapping". The band, known for its original style of fast, edgy, rock, intense high-energy performances, and bold, take-no-prisoners image, was scheduled to play a concert at the Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia on Saturday. When questioned about the remainder of the bands tour, booking agent David Shapiro regretted having to put all future dates on hold for the time being, but was quick to add he was "confident the band will return safely" to finish out the tour. The response from fans of the group borders on hysteria. By Wednesday afternoon, a gathering of approximately 400 Endicott enthusiasts began a "rock vigil" in the parking lot of the hotel where the band was alledgedly abducted, complete with candles, music and dancing. The only upset occurred when an argument between a group of girls exploded over which member of the band has the best hair. According to label representative Dan Sandshaw, the band is slated to release a full-length album in July on Equal Vision Records. "The record will still come out regardless of what happens." said Sandshaw - "...the guys would have wanted it that way." Several songs from the record have already been made available online through the label's website, and Tuesday alone the mp3's received 5,467 plays. Sandshaw added - "It's by far their best material yet, we were looking forward to the band reaching a wider scope of listeners with this record." Baltimore Police, in a statement early Wednesday morning reached out to the fans and friends of the band saying - "We're doing our best to bring the guys home safely and as soon as possible". Chief of Police Charles Moose admitted reluctantly however, that there are no leads to the whereabouts of the five musicians at this time. A reward of $500,000 for information leading to the recovery of the band is being offered by friends and family. Any tips can be emailed to police via the groups website - www.endicottrocks.com.