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Light The Fire
Straight Line Stitch Announce New Tour Dates
November 6, 2009
The non-stop touring force known as Straight Line Stitch will be setting out on select dates this November. Ekotren, hailing from Cape Coral, FL will be taking on supporting responsibilities.

just finished up a successful run along side Kittie and Soil on the heels of last year’s release 'When Skies Wash Ashore'. The band recently shot a video for "Taste Of Ashes" featuring Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed which can be seen below.

Straight Line Stitch
Tour dates Featuring Ekotren:
Nov 06 @ 18th Street - Scottsbluff, NE
Nov 07 @ Rocky Mountain Hall - Ft. Washakie, WY
Nov 08 @ Downtown Grill - Casper, WY
Nov 10 @ Damage Control - Independence, MO
Nov 11 @ The Blue Goat - Salina, KS
Nov 12 @ America’s Pub - Wichita, KS
Nov 13 @ The Otherside - Tulsa, OK
Nov 15 @ Click’s - Tyler, TX
Nov 17 @ Smokin’ Aces - Mission, TX
Nov 18 @ The Meridian - Houston, TX
Nov 19 @ The Bar - Metairie, LA
Nov 20 @ Drifters - Fayetteville, AR
Nov 23 @The Muse - Nachville, TN
Nov 24 @ The Warehouse - East Ridge, TN
Nov 25 @ Vinyl - Atlanta, GA
Nov 26 @ Phoenix Hill Tavern - Louisville, KY (Gobblestock)

Visit http://www.myspace.com/straightlinestitch for ticket info. Follow Alexis on Twitter at http://twitter.com/lexsls.
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Bleed The Sky: New Line Up, New Album, New Tour
June 28, 2008
Migrating back to their place of birth after a two-year stint in Los Angeles and sporting three new band members, Oklahoma City’s Bleed The Sky are proud to announce they’re ready to hit the road in support of their “end-all, be-all” new album, 'Murder The Dance' - released on June 10th and produced & engineered by Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory), mixed by Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Drowning Pool), and mastered by Matt Rosebery. 'Murder The Dance' is the follow-up to the band’s 2005 debut album, 'Paradigm In Entropy', which sold over 10,000 copies.

Warming up with four shows in Texas before joining Straightline Stitch, Within Chaos, and Ekotren on their first headlining, 26-date tour for this album cycle, BTS vocalist Noah Robinson shares some additional information about the album:

“We had several guest vocalists on 'Murder The Dance'. A lot of people think that you only bring in guest vocalists when you yourself are out of ideas, but that couldn't be further from the truth. First off, we had our friend Jeremy Hall [from San Diego-based bands Audkik & Dying Regret] come in to track "The Sleeping Beauty." Nobody understood the meaning of this song more than him, and when I explained that to him, he said he'd be honored. Once we had our vocals tracked on "Occam's Razor," we were listening back to it and [producer] Christian [Wolbers] suggested Martina Axen [former Drain STH drummer] come in and guest. She was thrilled and I could not have been happier to see her in action. Last but certainly not least was our boy Jon "The Hoff" Howard [vocalist for Canadian-based label mates Threat Signal] tracking vocals on "Vertical Smile." We've all been huge fans of Threat Signal even before they were signed, so we seized this opportunity to finally get to work with Jon. The new line-up is… let me put it this way: Our video director David Brodsky [Hate Eternal, The Red Chord, Soilent Green] beat us into the ground when were shooting for "Sullivan," and everyone was headbanging like maniacs at 8 a.m. without an audience and without even stretching or warming up. Things can only get better once we’re back on the road. I’ll say it again and again - I can’t wait to show everyone the new Bleed The Sky!”
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HOME TOWN: Cape Coral, FL
John Sheldon – Vocals
Keith Finnell – Guitar
Derek DeSantis – Bass
Steve Chin – Keys
Eric Pottle – Drums

It’s been said over and over again- this band blends metal with melody, reeling in legions of fans with a unique sound that fits no category.  The same faulty glaze can be lacquered onto any band’s backstory but while thousands of bands make such a claim and never live up to that glory, one band truly makes the words come alive- EkoTren.

Even it its name, EkoTren falls far from standard.  Named loosely after an over-the-counter painkiller, the band is made up of 5 humble young guys with a penchant for hard-hitting hooks and heavy metal. The outfit was established in Cape Coral, FL between high schoolers John Sheldon, Keith Finnell, and Steve Chin in 2000 with Sheldon on vocals, Finnell on guitars, and Chin at turntables.  In order to expand the musical flow, Chin shifted his position to keys years later.  After a slight change in the lineup, drummer Eric Pottle joined the band in 2005 and but the final contingent was complete in 2007 with the addition of bassist Derek DeSantis.  A longtime friend of the band, DeSantis has toured with the likes of Dope, Static-X, and Ozzfest 2003 as part of acclaimed projects Twisted Method (Geffen) and Makeshift Romeo. 

“Nothing’s different in the sense of already knowing the guys, I’ve been comrades with them.  It’s actually a lot better as far as work ethic is involved in the band,” explains DeSantis.  “Everyone is this group is willing to meet up, practice, write and the whole band is self-sufficient.  It’s just a tight-knit group of people and who are open and we throw everything on the table when we need to discuss things.  As far as I’m concerned it’s the strongest line-up I’ve ever worked with.”

Tactful and tireless, the guys spent years flying like bats out of hell, running circuits around the state with shows ranging from Warped Tour Orlando (2006) to opening stints alongside Saliva, Flyleaf, Ankla, Diecast, and more.  It wasn’t long before the fire spread.  EkoTren amassed a following through the word-of-mouth from dedicated fans and performances packed with the melodic kick of their highly-addictive sound.

“I think our musical style is pretty much universal, everyone can relate to it- everyone has problems” says Chin.

“I think a lot of what separates EkoTren from other bands, especially metal, is that we use a lot of melody in our music and Sheldon’s voice is really different.  We also use a really oddball guitar tuning- we drop down to G and the only other band that I know does that is Meshuggah” adds Finnell.

As a follow-up to their premiere EP ‘The Tables Have Turned,’ EkoTren teamed up with renowned producer Paul Trust [Endo, Diecast, and others] in early 2007 to helm a three-song EP. The result, ‘Destroying the American Dream,’ features tracks “The Light,” “Falling,” and “Point of View” which became instant crowd favorites on every stage they stepped foot. 

After years enduring sweat, blood, and late-night automotive blowouts, EkoTren saw their efforts rewarded when they signed a contract with ambitious indie Blind Prophecy Records in September 2007.  Despite a road schedule that could exhaust any batch of artists, EkoTren tapped into their bountiful source of creative energy to craft a new slew of songs that would make their full-length debut.  EkoTren returned to Trust’s clutches in fall 2007 to record their long-awaited album, ‘Light the Fire’ slated to hit stores worldwide in early 2008.

While displaying massive growth in musicianship to old fans, EkoTren is about to throw the world their signature punch with ‘Light the Fire.’ “We’re 100% stronger.  The style has changed over the years but we’re better musicians and we all meld together very well,” says Sheldon.  Steered by melody and driven by metal, the 11-song record features new tracks that will lock listeners in for a full-throttle musical experience.  Leaving no time to waste, after putting the finishing touches on the album in October 2007, EkoTren will hit the road in support of past tourmates and metal masterminds Diecast on an extensive U.S. tour.

With fire in their veins, undying ambition, and a solid work ethic, EkoTren is launching forward, eager to take listeners straight into an untainted place where metal’s never gone before.  Facing the world with musical substance, youthful vigor, and an attitude well beyond their years, ‘Light the Fire’ will leave no one safe from EkoTren’s wrath.
While proof lies in the past and present, there’s no questioning the future – the world awaits for these metal visionaries.