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Numbered With The Transgressors
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1. Redeemer: Greater Love
2. Burials
3. Fatum
4. Salvage
5. Vital Signs Of A Rude Awakening
6. An Abstract Struggle
7. Numbered With The Transgressors
8. Death Of Ignorance
9. Redeemed: From The Wastes
10. The Antidote

I am a virtually young guy I’m not ashamed to say that I like deathcore, I’ve spent most of my teen years listening to it. To add to that, living in southern California I am saturated in the “deathcore” scene. Earth From Above being one of the bands in that scene. I first heard Earth From Above back in 2007 when they self released their “Partakers” EP. Partakers was a decent EP with the whole deathcore appeal: plenty of brees and breakdowns. It interested me but I didn’t give it many listens. For whatever reason it was just off-putting. Now 2 years later they have redeemed themselves and released one sick deathcore album “Numbered With The Transgressors.”
The album starts with a twenty-eight second intro. No vocals just chugging riffs going into more chugs with guitar harmonies over it. The intro seamlessly goes into the second song “Burials” and the vocals come in. There is a definite contrast between the two vocalists highs and lows, likely the reason for there being two of them. The highs are throat ripping while the lows are more hardcore oriented. The dichotomy between the two styles is very fitting of the cd and takes them a step above the herd. The pig squealing has been dropped for this album and there are gang vocals scattered throughout the record.

The first few songs on the album are somewhat similar and will likely sound the same upon first listens. There is a soft pattern the band follows when writing songs: breakdowns with offsetting blast beat and hardcore parts. “Fatum” has some heavy moments with some slow breakdowns and transversing melodic thrashy guitar picking. While the first half of Numbered With The Transgressors is pretty static the album really picks up in the later songs.

“An Abstract Struggle” is a favorite track of mine and is distinguishable from the others. Starting with layered vocals and a blast beat it is set to be a sick song. There are a few breakdowns but the riffs alternating them work well. The song caps off with a gravity blast that fits perfectly. The album stays on track with no real punches being thrown. There are some nice guitar solos and harmonies here and there that enlighten the simplicity of the songs.

My favorite track is the album closer “The Antidote.” Booming double bass leads to a blast beat chugging section that directly leads to a intense breakdown. After a few more chugs and breaks the song leads into a melodic segment that cannot be found elsewhere on the album. A singing part on top of speaking and screams says “I deserve hell for what I’ve done.” Perhaps the band felt this segment needed more emotion so decided to sing it. It catches you off guard, but once used to the change it becomes fitting. After this comes the final breakdown of the album and the vocalists interchanging what they say in a layered, unmatched lyric. The album concludes with guitar harmonies going into a solo with chugging riffs underneath.

The production of the album is pretty rough and unpolished, almost demo sounding, and might turn off gilded ears. The guitars take a backseat to the drums and bass, especially bass. The bass is prevalent throughout the entire album and is almost too loud if you are a guitar fanatic. When given time to adjust, it becomes easier to hear everything going on and the musicianship being displayed. For a debut cd these young dudes keep things tight and heavy which make for a great album. Something worth noting is the lyrical content.

Earth From Above are signed to Strike First records, an imprint of Facedown records, and if you know anything about either they are Christian labels. So yes, Earth From Above is a Christian band. The lyrics consist of “Father” references and love of Jesus Christ, so if that turns you off, stay clear of this cd. My only real complaint is the running length; at just under 31 minutes I would have preferred a bit more, but it might allow for multiple plays without being overplayed.

BOTTOM LINE: With deathcore being as saturated as it is, there is distinct room forbreaths of fresh air and Earth From Above give one. The album isbreakdown laden and nothing original, but Numbered With TheTransgressors is a different sounding album. If you want raw,unhindered deathcore then this album is your best bet. Any open mindeddeathcore fan can enjoy some heavy Jesus loving , sick breakdowns andproficient playing with this album.

RATING: 7/11

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Numbered With The Transgressors