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We: The Guillotine
Memorial Shows Announced For Early Graves Vocalist
August 6, 2010
A benefit and memorial show has been planned for Makh Daniels, vocalist of Early Graves, who tragically passed away on Monday in a van accident, while on tour in Oregon. Everyone is encouraged to come and show support for someone who dedicated his life to touring and the metal scene, and help his family with the costs involved with this tragedy. All proceeds from the door and a percentage of profits from the bar will be donated to Makh's family.

Friday, August 6th
@ The Bamboo Lounge
14308 Telegraph Road
Whittier, CA 90604
21+ over - $5 donation - 8pm-2am

Live performances from:
+ 2 more special guests

For those of you who can't make it or are from another part of the country and would still like to contribute to the family, can make a donation at this location.

Early Graves record label, Ironclad, has posted a blog via Myspace with statements from Ironclad owner and Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps, as well as from Early Graves:

From Trevor at Ironclad - "The tragic death of Makh Daniels has shaken us at Ironclad completely to the core. Within the label we pride ourselves in our personal relationships and family like atmosphere and the loss of Makh is the untimely and devastating loss of a friend. I personally knew Makh as a man of incredible passion. You could read it in his ferocious yet challenging lyrics and see it in his undying heartfelt stage performance. Whether he was playing in front of seven or 700 people he would always perform with the same intensity and genuine emotion. He continuously showed his love for his words, music, friends and anyone who was lucky enough to be in the room with him while he performed. His life was cut far too short and he will be sorely missed by his family, brothers in Early Graves, friends around the country, and all those that he touched with his lyrical and performance command. R.I.P. Makh."

From Early Graves - There are no words that can properly say all the things that I want to say about our friend Makh Daniels. He is one of the most amazing writers I have ever known. He is incredibly funny. He is wise beyond his years. He is the most honest person you could ask for as a friend or a band mate. I had the pleasure to be in 2 bands with Makh and they were some of the best years of my life thus far. Sadly, Makh Daniels was taken from all of us. He wrote a lyric in an Early Graves song "To everyone that I've ever loved, I've Failed" but if there is anything that I could tell him is how proud I was of him and how much I loved him and how much his friendship meant to me. We were all like brothers.

I know that there was a lot of people out there who were also deeply affected by this wonderful man, Makh Daniels and I cannot tell you how much he loved music and performing and how much he wanted to affect and help people get through their demons in life.

To all of you guys, and to all of the amazing amount of love you guys have sent our way, Thank you. You guys are helping all of us get through this horrible time. We are nothing without each other right now and you guys are helping so much. But we've seen the whole community of metal and punk and hardcore musicians and fans join together in this trying time and I want to say how much it means to us and his family.

There is a donation paypal account that is now set up that if you would like to donate some money for services, ect, please do. The paypal account email is ripMakhDaniels@gmail.com and honestly anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

The funeral will be on Monday, August 9th at the Good Shepards Church in Pacfica on 901 Oceana Blvd. There will be a reception afterwards and we are asking everyone to please bring in a potluck item as we are expecting a lot of people to be there and we would love to have everyone who loved Makh or his music there.

There will also be a memorial show for him on August 29th at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. The address is 155 Fell st. This was where Makh worked and he would want us all there drinking Jameson shots and Sierra Nevada pale ale for him, with him. We will be selling memorial shirts for Makh with all proceeds going to his family to get him through this tough time.

Also, please support the show in Los Angeles on friday, August 6th. It was to be one of the last shows of our tour. The last of the Early Graves merch will be there and all proceeds will also go to the family of Makh. The show info can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=103265066393941

, I love you. Thank you for everything you were.

, Tyler, Dan, Matt. - Early Graves.
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The Funeral Pyre Announce Summer Tour Dates
May 21, 2010
Los Angeles based black metallers, The Funeral Pyre, whose new album, 'Vultures At Dawn', hits the streets on June 8, have announced summer tour plans with their good friends, Early Graves. There are still some holes in the routing, so if you are able to help the band out, please email them at thefuneralpyreisdead@gmail.com.

The Funeral Pyre
w/ Early Graves:
6/04 - CYC - Fresno, CA
6/05 - The Blvd - Boyle Heights CA
6/25 - The Ruby Room - San Diego, CA
6/26 - Yayo's - Tucson, AZ
6/27 - TBA - Phoenix, AZ
6/28 - Skrappy's - Tucson, AZ (w/ Landmine Marathon)
6/29 - TBA - Albuquerque, NM
6/30 - Zen Miester Bar - El Paso, TX
7/01 - Reno's Chop Shop - Dallas, TX
7/02 - Zombies!!! Time - San Antonio, TX
7/03 - TBA - Austin, TX
7/05 - TBA
7/06 - The Black House - Nashville, TN
7/07 - Skull Alley - Louisville, KY
7/08 - TBA - Cincinnati, OH
7/09 - Carabar - Columbus, OH
7/10 - TBA - Cleveland, OH
7/11 - TBA - Syracuse, NY
7/12 - TBA - VT
7/13 - Dover Brick House - Dover, NH
7/14 - Anchors Up - Haverhill, MA
7/15 Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ
7/16 - TBA - MA
7/17 - The Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY
7/18 - Belvedere's - Pittsburgh, PA
7/19 - TBA - Indianapolis, IN
7/20 - TBA - Chicago, IL
7/21 - FUBAR - St. Louis, MO
7/22 - TBA - Kansas City, MO
7/23 - The Manor - Lincoln, NE
7/24 - Blastomat - Denver, CO
7/25 - Ernie November - Cheyenne, WY
7/26 - TBA - Salt Lake City, Utah
7/27 - Brawl Studios - Garden City, ID
7/28 - TBA - Spokane, WA
7/29 - The Morgue - Seattle, WA
7/30 - TBA - Tacoma, WA
7/31 - Plan B - Portland, OR
8/01 - TBA - Eugene, OR
8/02 - TBA - San Francisco, CA
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Early Graves Announce New Album Details
April 30, 2010
San Francisco's Early Graves have completed their follow up to 2008's debut 'We: The Guillotine'. Their new record, simply entitled 'Goner', is a ragged, pissed off amalgamation of heavy self-medication, year long blackouts and all the depression of an a thousand yard stare. The title track is available for streaming at www.myspace.com/earlygravessf.

Combining the best elements of Hellacopters/Turbonegro rock n' roll with Black Flag's and Bad Brains' inspired hardcore with a crushing balance of both Morbid Angel's heaviness and the raw intensity of power violence pioneers Dropdead and Masskontroll, Early Graves have set the bar for complete, unhinged self destruction.

"I don't know..." states vocalist Makh Daniels, "...I guess the record is about alcoholism... and all the bullshit that comes with it. All the "why's?" and "How come's?" and our stupid fucking excuses for it. I can't say that this will be the heaviest record you've ever heard or the best recording or the most musically precise but I can say that at least, it's fucking honest."

was recorded at Louder Studios (Melvins, WITTR, Saviours) by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs/Nation of Ulysses) and Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering. Artwork (see below) was completed by Nat Damm Design (Monotonix, Akimbo,The Fucking Wrath).

track listing:
1. Goner
2. Faith is Shit
3. Old Bones
4. Rot
5. MayDay
6. Wraiths
7. Trauma
8. Give Up
9. Bastard Tears
10. Harm

will be released worldwide June 22nd, 2010 via Ironclad/Metal Blade Records.
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The Funeral Pyre Complete New Album, Announce Title
April 1, 2010
Los Angeles-based black metal band, The Funeral Pyre has completed the follow up to their 2008 album, 'Wounds'. The new album, entitled 'Vultures At Dawn', was recorded by Adam Campbell at Awkward Studios, mixed by Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon, Misery Index, Phobia) at Arcane Digital and was mastered by Dave Shirk (Incantation, Nile, Today Is The Day) of Sonorous Mastering. Artwork for the album is being handled by Justin Barlett, known for his work with bands such as Trap Them, Intronaut and Sunn0))) and more. 'Vultures At Dawn' will hit the streets in late spring.

The band commented, on the sound of the new record: "On this record we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried to create better songs, never focusing on what style of metal it actually is. Just writing the songs was most important to us."

No strangers to the DIY metal circuit, having multiple US tours under their belt, The Funeral Pyre, has a run of dates next week on the west coast; two with Early Graves and four with Light This City on their farewell run. The band also just completed a batch of dates to Texas and back with Landmine Marathon, which included Prosthetic's South By Southwest showcase on March 17th in Austin and a Brooklyn Vegan SxSW day party at Hoek's Death Metal Pizza. Check out some live pictures of the band at the Prosthetic showcase, here at Brooklyn Vegan.

Their upcoming dates are:
4/06 - Ryan's Saloon - Reno, NV (w/ Early Graves)
4/07 - Whiskey Dick's - Lake Tahoe, CA (w/ Early Graves)
4/08 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA (w/ Light This City)
4/09 - The CYC - Fresno, CA (w/ Light This City)
4/10 - Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA (w/ Light This City)
4/11 - The Blvd. - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Light This City)
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Makh Daniels - Vocals
Chris Brock - Guitars
Tyler Jensen - Bass
Dan Sneddon - Drums

After nearly two years of grueling DIY tours, a blown up van, incredible amounts of debt and nearly every original member of Apiary walking away, the remaining members decided to declare a new war at ground zero.

"The songs we had created on the road no longer had anything to do with what the original Apiary was about and we needed a new name that was a better fit, and more relevant to who we are,"states Chris Brock. "We wanted a name that meant burning your wick at both ends and saving nothing for no one."

Makh Daniels (vocals), Chris Brock(guitar), Tyler Jensen (Bass) and Dan Sneddon (Drums) have re-emerged as Early Graves.

Fusing the technical prowess of Carcass with the pissed off crust/punk of His Hero Is Gone and adding equal measures Entombed and Slayer into an already uncompromising style, Early Graves have now created a sound that is both difficult to categorize and is as destructive as it comes.

"We just wanted to create our version of an early punk record. Like how it was when we were kids first getting into punk, metal and hardcore. No frills. No gloss. No bullshit. We had no interest whatsoever in creating fake ass death metal breakdowns or tired arpeggio sweeps or whatever stupid ass bands think the "IN" thing is these days. Just punk, ya know? Just us punk kids stage diving on each other and circle pitting and letting it all go. Who gives a shit about the rest?" says vocalist Makh Daniels.

Recorded by the legendary and infamous producer Steve Austin of Today is Day (Converge, Deadguy, Lamb of God) in Nashville, TN at Austin Enterprises, Early Graves recorded their debut album within 10 days.

"We wanted an engineer who didn't care about sales, the industry or about anything anyone else was doing. We wanted someone who only cared about the music. And that's exactly what we got. We definitely did butt heads with the Reverend on many occasions but i'll be damned if we aren't absolutely satisfied with how the album sounds and feels." Said guitarist Chris Brock. "It was a really great experience to get out of our comfort zone and really hone in on all that anger and pent up frustration in Nashville. That whole experience just gave fuel to the most pissed off/depressing music we collectively have ever been a part of."

Even though Early Graves consider their album to be, for all intents and purposes, a "punk" record, they have further thrown a wrench in the gears by having the enigmatic and schizophrenic Eugene Robinson of Oxbow (hydrahead, Neurot) appear on the song "Here There Be Monsters" alongside Steve Austin, who also contributed eerie and ethereal guitar melodies to that song and also vocals to "Last Name:Porter".

"I wanted to add a further dimension to the record and have these two iconic vocalists who would take their own interpretation of the songs and run with it to...shit, god knows where. Besides, when both Eugene and Steve were doing their vocals, it literally scared the shit out of me. That's when I knew it was definitely gonna be insane." Daniels says with a laugh.

But just as Early Graves' songwriting is both passionately unforgiving in fury and at the same time, in the grip of an all consuming despair, the lyrical content both reflects this dichotomy in a tasteful yet, unequivocably honest delivery. With such titles as "Ghosts Among Us" (About a close friend who became a heroin addict and a prostitute) "First Name: William" (About a young SF graffiti writer who was murdered in 1998) and "House Nigger" (About his own personal experiences as a minority in an increasingly conservative/religious and racist scene), Singer Makh Daniels gives the listener an unwavering first hand testament of alienation, addiction, heartache and the depthless bitter anger that is born from it.

"The sole reason why I got into punk/hardcore was because it was a community of screwed up kids who couldn't express themselves at all save through this medium. It was a place to go where you weren't the only one who was fucked up, lost and pissed off at the world. It was a home for people without homes." says Daniels.

But more than anything else, "We:The Guillotine" is a collection of 11 songs by 4 flawed, compulsive, manic-depressive A-holes whose only way to cope is to play punk the way it was meant to be played: bloody as hell and swingin' for the fences with iron fists for a 12th round knockout.

We:The Guillotine is out now on Ironclad/Metalblade records

And Maybe just in time.

No nets.

No frills. No gloss.

No quarter. No survivors.