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Album Releases

Matt Connell (drums)
Steve Ferraro (bass/vocals)
Johnny Ibay (guitars)

As the noise of sheet metal being cut slices through the air the sparks from a welding torch light up the barren industrial floor. The payment for slavery is moderated by the primitive punch clock as the thick columns of smoke funnel from the rooftop into the sky. It's these visuals that best describe Drudgery, Guelph Ontario's brutal grind-core outfit and the newest band to emerge from Southern Ontario's vibrant metal scene. With death metal and hardcore acting as the band's primary influences, Drudgery's aural assault is a combination of vileness and vitality. Drudgery is, in essence, an extension of the hellish conditions of factory work and the monotony of a blue collar schedule, a symptom of the machines that grind us down on a daily basis.

Consisting of Matt Connell (drums), Steve Ferraro (bass/vocals), and Johnny Ibay (guitars), Drudgery was originally formed in order to blend a handful of lyrical ideas with a straight forward approach to grind and hardcore. However, it soon became a much larger organism when Drudgery took to the studio. What resulted was "Rust", a six song EP that captured the band's intensity and unique focus. "This band started as a side project back in 2006 and we wound up with a collection of tunes we were all really stoked on" comments Connell, who has previously drummed for the likes of Exhumed and Fuck the Facts. Soon after finalizing the recording, the band signed with Year of the Sun Records and slated their debut EP for a 2008 summer release.

If this first recording is any indication, Drudgery is set to bring us some very heavy music for quite some time. Cuts like "At All Cost", "Stagnation", and the disc's bludgeoning title track, succeed in reenergizing the metal genre instead of trying to reconfigure it. "When listening to Drudgery you really get that raw old vibe and it shows on this record" states label head Chris Benn. "When the band approached me with the "Rust" recording, everything about it was straight up and in your face. From the tracks right down to the artwork, you can tell it's a no nonsense kind of record."

For Fans Of: Rotten Sound, Burnt By The Sun, Fuck the Facts and Raised Fist.