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Album Releases

Music For The Last Day Of Your Life
HOME TOWN: Union City, NJ
Jai Diablo (vocals)
Pete Barrera (drums)
Ritchie Garcia (guitar)
Gino Depinto (guitar)
Monty (guitar)
Geno (bass)

In the spirit of monumental visionaries such as BAD BRAINS and JANE'S ADDICTION, DRAGPIPE responds to the vastly bland trends of today's pop culture. Their live shows are a virtual assault. Front man Jai Diablo is known for his psychotic antics both on and off stage, stirring crowds into an uproar and leaving a mess for the bands that are unfortunate enough to follow. After destroying the New Jersey scene, their reputation spread rapidly throughout New York City, with armies of chaotic youth packing the local clubs to get a glimpse of the new anti-heroes. Many a prominent producer courted the band, but ultimately it was DAVE SARDY's (Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Helmet, Barkmarket) vision that settled behind the mixing board .and at last the debut record has been delivered. 1.1 MUSIC FOR THE LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE 2 GUILTY PARTIES JAI DIABLO (VOCALS): Possibly the living inspiration for the album title, as Jai's recent history involves - most notoriously - stealing monkeys from a local zoo (and subsequently turning himself into the police for arrest after said monkey went apeshit), and surprising Interscope executives by urinating in the conference room centerpiece. And this is just off-stage. RICHIE GARCIA (GUITAR): Sometimes referred to as "Slick," Richie fully immersed himself in the Rock 'n' Roll (intentionally or not) by taking up permanent residence in the band's rehearsal space. GINO DEPINTO (GUITAR): The tattooed pit bull.the Italian, pizza eating, muscle car driving, old school hardcore Jersey boy. Gino recently caused a major town disturbance by reacting with his sarcastic laugh when his car burst into flames. MONTE (GUITAR): The cowboy hat-wearing porn star. Monte is the one at the roulette table surrounded by women, with only three dollars in his pocket. His composure deteriorates considerably during Dragpipe's live shows, where Monte is a hyper-caffeinated presence, and threatens to vibrate right off the stage. JENO (BASS): The disturbing, silent type. Jeno Comes out of his shell only occasionally; usually to torture fellow bandmates by lighting their apartments on fire, or leaving foul-smelling food behind. PETE BARRERA (DRUMS): The no-nonsense businessman. The least flamboyant, but perhaps the smartest. Pete enjoys his successes in the privacy of his home state, as the owner of more than a few businesses. From the explosive, turbulent aggression of "Seeds of Change," to the uncomfortable soothing melody of "Fountains of Pain," this album will destroy you. It is the movie soundtrack to their minds, an honest representation of the band member's lives. The music is ferocious and brutally real.