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Album Releases

HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA
Josh Kemble (vocals)
Scott Bergen (bass)
Eddie Spangler (guitar)
Daniel Montoya (guitar)
Russell Castillo (drums)

The well-oiled machine known as Dogwood has been bringing misery to sound men and venue owners for almost eight years now. We have gone through members like facial tissues;” the changes over the years are always for the better. “Our newest wizard, Daniel Montoya, commands the searing riffs and power chords to spew forth from the axe with unbridled assault. We also have Jason Harper, who is a master at finding the perfect bass lines to accompany our ridiculously rhythmic drummer, Russell Castillo. My name is Josh Kemble, and my job is singing (and barbecuing).” “...We have made the customary musical achievements, accomplishments, and accolades, which are not meaningful in the long run,” but have opened the opportunity to play at some of the most prestigious venues in some of the greatest cities around. We hope to continue having fun on and off stage and make friends with everyone. “...As far as the future of the band, That's always a great conversation piece. We really can't say, honestly. We always have awesome opportunities to go in many different directions, and I think to choose just one would put us in a box that we aren't designed for. We hope to see more and more of this planet, but we'll take it one city at a time. Hopefully we can meet you soon, if we haven't already... Be blessed.