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1. Induce 
2. Power Control 
3. Plasma 
4. Methodic 
5. Modern Prophecy 
6. Strain 
7. Unending 
8. Chasm 
9. Diarist 
10. NeuroTyrant 
11. [CD-Rom Track]


Thrash riffing, Blast beats, acidic screams, death growls, soaring power metal cleans, and some kick ass technical musicianship to boot...sound like a winning combination? That's exactly what you get when you throw on the debut album from Canada's tech-metal masters, Divinity.

It's rather unfortunate that this album totally flew beneath just about everyone's radar, because it just doesn't get much better than this. There are so many different styles present on this record, and even the more particular metalheads who might not be too keen on power metal should be able to get into this. There's more than enough aggression on this album to make all the aggro metalheads happy, while the band incorporates enough melody to turn the heads of more traditional metalheads.

Lyrically, the band isn't all about death and destruction, dragons and wizards in the forest, or medical terminology that none of us can rightly understand. They're more in the realm of down to earth day-to-day shit that any of us can relate to, from personal issues of betrayal to drug abuse, to relationship issues (without crying about it...this isn't your little sister's emo band), to the constant issue of our rising dependence on technology and the man vs. machine saga.

There really aren't enough words out there to describe just how amazing this album is (or maybe I just can't think of enough), as it encompasses so many different styles and has something for every metalhead to enjoy. And even the most technically proficient of bands, like Dream Theater, don't have the ability to appeal to fans of more extreme forms of metal. Similarly, technically proficient extreme bands like Necrophagist and Neuraxis don't appeal to fans of more melodic styles of metal. That's where bands like Divinity come in and bridge that gap. While it may be too much of one and not enough of the other for some fans (as you're ALWAYS gonna have that handful that just can't be pleased), this is an album that should easily appeal to both sides of the fence.


It's really a wonder that Divinity wasn't signed YEARS ago. The band has been around for over 10 years now, and while they may have had to hone their skills for a few years, it's no secret that Canada is well known for their never ending stream of some of Metal's most amazing technical outfits. Fans of anything from Arsis to Epicurean should find this to be a more than worthwhile addition to their collections.

For those of you that are still unsure after reading this review, hit up their myspace and listen to a song or two. If that isn't enough to convince you to pick this album up, you're either an elitist asshole, a purist shithead, or you're just straight up fucking deaf!!

RATING: 10/11

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