Divided By Zero
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Album Releases

The Black Sea
HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA
Goode - Vocals
Stadt - Guitar/Vocals
Spook - Guitar/Vocals
Rice - Bass
Chachi - Drums

In the mathematical sense, dividing anything by zero is impossible. When a calculator tries to divide by zero, it will always receive a fatal error.

If mathematically dividing anything by zero is impossible, then in the musical sense Divided by Zero have proven the contrary – nothing is impossible. Fusing elements of melodic hard rock, punk, and reggae to create a highly original sound that combines metal’s aggressiveness with classic hooks and melodies, San Diego based Divided by Zero channel a number of styles into one concrete sound on their ambitious debut album, The Black Sea.

“The Black Sea has a poisonous atmosphere that prevents parasites from eating away at ancient shipwrecks; leaving them perfectly preserved on the ocean’s floor. Using the shipwrecks as a metaphor for our lives as musicians, I see parallels between that and the music business,” says Divided by Zero frontman Zach Goode about the concept behind the album’s title. “Thousands of us are waiting to be discovered, trapped in lives of our own making. I began to connect the themes of our songs and explored topics of frustration, disappointment, lost love, alienation, and ultimately, hope and redemption.”

After a haunting introduction, the album begins with the explosive “Ashes of Armies”, a fierce meditation on the music industry. Songs like “Chemical” and “The World is not Mine” mix aggressive double bass and incendiary dual guitar work with melodic hooks and flourishes of sitars and keys. The set’s centerpiece is the downtempo stunner “Helicopter” where the lyrics take a more hopeful turn and the song cycle ends with the nearly acoustic “Shame” which is a reminder not to be threatened by your fears.
Although this might be Divided by Zero’s debut album, the band and its members are far from new to the music scene. Originally formed from the remains of San Diego based Ghoulspoon, the band has sold tens of thousands of units without the benefit of a manager, agent, or record label to become an independent music success story. Ghoulspoon’s 1999 album “Fever” became the number one selling locally produced album in San Diego and the band won the award for “Best Hard Rock / Metal Band” at the 2001 San Diego Music Awards. In addition, Divided By Zero’s music was featured on Jim Rome’s nationally syndicated sports talk show, “The Jungle”, and on the soundtrack for the video games Twisted Metal 4 and TJ Lavin’s Ultimate BMX.
Over the years, Divided By Zero has played hundreds of shows with many of today’s biggest superstars such as 311, Korn, Deftones, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Sugar Ray, Sublime, the Cult, Kottonmouth Kings, Kid Rock, P.O.D., Zebrahead, and No Doubt. The live shows often feature cover songs by The Pixies, Motley Crue, Bad Brains, Stevie Wonder, The Cars, Slayer, and Devo. In addition to an energetic and powerful electric live set, Divided by Zero often performs their versatile material in an acoustic format. This diversity has earned the band a vast and loyal following throughout Southern California.
The release of Divided by Zero’s The Black Sea will also mark the debut of Sik World Records, the new label founded by Sik World Productions. A leading producer of attitude-based novelty clothing and accessories for men and women, Sik World Productions’ t-shirts are consistently worn by an extreme variety of high profile recording artists from mainstream stars Eminem, Lil’ Kim, Slash (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver) and Cypress Hill to metal’s most blistering bands such as Slayer, Chimaira, Every Time I Die, Static-X and Lamb Of God. Distributed around the world in more than 1,000 retail outlets and to thousands of individuals via the Internet each year, Sik World has been featured in numerous music videos as well as publications such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Hit Parader, Savage Tattoo, and Metal Hammer.

"Producing music is a natural progression for Sik World. We've always loved and supported the heavier styles of music and feel it's time to contribute. In the past we've anticipated the success of many local circuit bands and recognized their potential before they went on to worldwide acclaim. Now it's time to put our money where our minds are,” states Sik World Founder and President Jaysun Chall. “Divided by Zero write great songs and perform like pros. It's great to have an opportunity to work with a band of their caliber.”

Divided by Zero have seamlessly bridged the gap between musical genres to make one infectious sound. Navigating the often treacherous seas of today’s modern rock world, Divided by Zero’s The Black Sea is an album packed full of captivating melodies, lean grooves, swaggering riffs, and breezy acoustics.  It is sure to sail its way into the CD collections of hard rock fans everywhere.