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Album Releases

Live The Storm

Misanthropic Generation
Tompa Lindberg (vocals)
Björn Pettersson (guitars)
Henke Frykman (bass)
Marcus Andersson (drums)

When I was a kid growing up in Sweden, certain people (usually the ones reeking and reeling from cheap alcohol) used to wear t-shirts with a bold auto-statement: 'OLD VOLVOS NEVER DIE, THEY JUST GO FASTER!' And then there was a picture of an angry Volvo. A mighty pissed-off car… Side-pipes belching red hot exhaust fumes… Slicks wider than a side-walk in a cloud of toxic smoke… Total burrrn-out… Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Car That Never Quits! Right now I'm dreaming up a brand new t-shirt design: 'DISFEAR NEVER QUIT, FUCK THE RUMOURS!' Now, wouldn't that be a perfect fashion item for the misanthropic generation? H&M, are you listening? And if Disfear was a car, it wouldn't be an asthmatic Volvo. A four-cylinder sneezer with zeppelin-sized bumpers? No way! Disfear is a sleek muscle-monster in black primer only. Purple flame-jobs are for geeks stuck in the fifties. The thing is (and now I'm returning to this biography stuff) that Disfear had to muscle their way through some music biz bullshit. No hard feelings, though. But it sure took some time. Some people saw this hiatus as a sign of Disfear calling it a day. Wrong! Equipped with a Relapse-deal, Disfear are finally about to record a batch of brand new songs, some of the tunes going as far back as 1997/98, but most of the material was finished in the year of 2000. Do you call that splitting up? Hell no, it's called stubborn-as-hell-never-giving-up-attitude, period. The new album, 'Misanthropic Generation', is the reason why Disfear enters Studio Soundlab along with producer Mieszko Talarzyk. Fifteen songs will be recorded. Ten or eleven will end up on 'Misanthropic Generation', the others will be released on a number of split seven inchers with bands yet to be decided. Yes, despite the internet and all sorts of fancy multi-media, bands like Disfear are still doing split seven inchers just because they like it. Long live vinyl! And by the way, the line-up remains Tompa Lindberg (vocals), Björn Pettersson (guitars), Henke Frykman (bass) and Marcus Andersson (drums). So, what about the people who gave up the faith in Disfear? Well, they probably bought the latest album by Swedish wimpomaniacs Kent and then went to some muddy rock festival wearing funny hats in thirty-seven day-glo colours. Good riddance! Disfear won't miss them. They never truly belonged to the misanthropic generation anyway…