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Album Releases

American Nightmare
HOME TOWN: Lincoln, NE
Dustin Travels - Vocals
Eric Marshall - Guitar
Brian Luginbill - Guitar
Scott Root - Bass
Brock Wettstead - Drums
Travis Wagner - Keys

Forming in the swelling hill landscape of Lincoln, Nebraska in April 2002, Singer Dustin Travels along with guitarist Eric Marshall and drumer Brock Wettstead created Dirtfedd in a rodent infested, trash covered house. Three years later guitarist Brian Luginbill, bassist Scott Root, and keyboardist Travis Wagner replaced three former members, which accelerated the band's drive and success tremendously.

Their brand new debut album, The American Nightmare, has a raw sound of aggression and melody fused together with Dustin's unique vocal styles not typically associated in the metal world. The album represents a warped illustration of modern society which coincides with each song's schizophrenic journey through the lives of Dirtfedd members as they relate to a war-torn world. The American Nightmare was produced by a significant figure in the metal world, M. Shawn Crahan of Slipknot.

Dirtfedd has a concrete line-up that has toured with such top shelf bands as Drowning Pool, Lamb Of God, Corrosion Of Conformity, In Flames and many more. The American Nightmare hits stores on April 7, 2009. Be Prepared!!