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Penetrations From The Lost World (re-issue)

This Is Hell

Silent Night Fever
Dimension Zero In The Studio
December 10, 2006
Dimension Zero — the Swedish band featuring In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad (on bass), ex-Marduk vocalist Joakim "Jocke" Göthberg, Luciferion/Diabolique drummer Hasse Nilsson, and Pathos guitarist Daniel Antonsson — has begun recording its third album, tentatively due in early 2007. We spent the last week doing the guitar work," Strömblad writes on the group's web site. "Leads, melodies and rythm are done, and it sounds killer already! Here is some of the titles for you: "The Was", "Is', 'Deny", "I Can Hear The Dark", "Red Dead Heat", "He Who Shall Not Bleed".

"And to stop all the speculations once and for all, I have NOT quit In Flames. Unfortunately I had to sit out the rest of the year with the band, but whatever problems there was, they are solved, and both me and Björn will be back after next year."

Check out pictures from the Dimension Zero recording studio here.

Dimension Zero's sophomore full-length album, 'This is Hell', was released in October 2003 through Regain Records. The CD — the band's first to feature Antonsson — was recorded at Phlat Planet studios in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer/In Flames frontman Anders Fridén.

For more information, visit www.dimensionzero.se.
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HOME TOWN: Sweeden
Jocke Göthberg (vocals)
Jesper Strömblad (bass)
Glenn Ljungström (guitar)
Hans Nilsson (drums)

The most vicious Swedish death/thrash offering has just been created. This savage assault is brought to you by the unrelenting DIMENSION ZERO whose new album, This Is Hell, will proceed to bash any listener’s skull in with reckless abandon. The maniacal quintet delivers a barrage of aggressive/melodic dual guitar insanity matched with pummeling blast beats all complimented by sinister/thrashy vocals. Their sound could be compared to At The Gates, but only more dynamic and extreme. Get prepared to worship the new purveyors of aggression. Dimension Zero got its start in 1996 when the original In Flames guitar team Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström could no longer ignore the urge to play faster, rawer and more brutal music. They quickly recruited drummer Hans Nilsson (Luciferion, Crystal Age, Diabolique) and vocalist Jocke Göthberg (ex-Marduk) and recorded the Penetrations From The Lost World EP. In June of 2001, the group signed with Regain Records in Europe, and entered Phlat Planet Studios with Anders Friden (In Flames/ex-Dark Tranquillity vocalist) as producer. A mere sixteen days of recording produced their first full-length album, Silent Night Fever. The album, licensed by Century Media in the U.S., featured nine brilliant songs of pure raw aggression. In 2002, the group added an additional member, Daniel Antonsson on guitars (ex-Pathos), who quickly brought more depth to the unit’s already sadistic assault. He joined Dimension Zero in time for their first gig ever in Tokyo, Japan. This monumental gig was followed by a series of shows in Asia and one in their hometown of Gothenburg before they would begin work on their forthcoming album. In 2003, Dimension Zero went back to Phlat Planet studios with Anders Fridén once again. They emerged with their most abrasive offering to date and have set a new standard for extreme metal. The new blistering 10-track album, appropriately titled This Is Hell, holds nothing back and is the first recording with additional guitarist Daniel Antonsson. The band further describes the album’s songwriting process, "This time, to make it all even better, we have added new angles and approaches our songwriting, which will make the last album look pale in comparison. We were heading for a more chaotic production and wanted it to sound more like a band playing their asses of in a room, so that the energy really could kick you in the face! The songs are more of a group effort this time meaning that we all put our personal touch into their arrangements. We purposely planned for this album to be the fastest thing we ever did.” In August of 2003, founding member Glenn Ljungström decided to quit the band but the remaining members only grew stronger dealing with this loss. The pursuit of his replacement is in full progress and nothing with deter the group from their ultimate mission of annihilating audiences worldwide. It’s time to welcome hell with open arms.