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DGAF Announces Wild In The Streets Tour Featuring MARS
June 10, 2010
Southern California punk hip-hop misfits DGAF have announced the dates for their Wild In The Streets Tour featuring MARS & THE DRP. The tour will kick off in Orangevale, CA on June 20th and run throughout the month. A video trailer for the tour has been posted online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YWDEpPpMGQ.

"I'm hella juiced to be touring with DGAF and The DRP. With this crew it's about to be a non-stop party across the United States," commented MARS. "It's an honor to be touring with West Coast artists of this caliber. Suburban Noize and Mad Insanity Records have very dedicated fanbase so we'll be causing a lot of ruckus out there. Plus I've seen the girls that come to Suburban Noize shows, and they are some of the hottest bitches I've ever seen!"

"I am honored to be touring with two of the underground's finest artists, and can't wait to tear up the U.S with them," added The DRP. "The fans of these groups are some of the most loyal fans in any genre of music."

DGAF is the new group featuring original Kottonmouth Kings frontman Saint Dog, his brother Big Hoss, Chucky Chuck and Gillies. The group released their self-titled debut album through Suburban Noize Records, and have been described as a modern day mix of the Sex Pistols mashed with N.W.A. DGAF's video for "Knuckle Up" can be viewed online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd4gmg9obcU

Perhaps the fastest rising prospect in the dark world of horrorcore music, Mars has been infecting the underground with his brew of West Coast wicked shit since the day his independent cult classic "Mars Attacks" hit the shelves. With the first run selling out in 24 short hours to eager fans. Since his inception MARS has drawn a whirlwind of media attention for his twisted raps that prompted an interview with Fox News, which can be viewed online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDXMjLBB9J0.

The DRP has been tearing up stages for a decade mixing his blend of metal and hip-hop first with his bands SORE and Primer 55. Now a solo artist, The DRP has risen even farther up the ranks, working with such artists like Jahred from (Hed)pe, New York rap legend RA the Rugged Man, MARS, Critical Bill and more.

DGAF Wild In The Streets Tour Featuring MARS & THE DRP:

6/20 - Orangevale, CA - The Boardwalk
6/22 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
6/25 - Reno, NV- New Oasis
6/27 - Scottsdale, AZ - Chasers
6/30 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
7/01 - Cleveland, OH - Peabodys
7/02 - Chillicothe, OH - Club Empire
7/03 - Toledo, OH - Headliners
7/06 - Chicago, IL - Reggies Rock Club
7/07 - Milwaukee, WI - Miramar Theater
7/09 - Fargo, ND - The Nestor
7/10 - Salina, KS - The Blue Goat
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HOME TOWN: Hermosa Beach, CA

The anticipation for the impending debut album from DGAF has been has building to feverish levels over the past few years. What started out as nothing more than a way to describe their own reckless lifestyle has ended up bringing together Suburban Noize’s most notorious cast of misfits onto one cut throat, in-your-face blunted full length album.
The roots of the DGAF (an acronym for “Don't Give a F**k”) movement started back in the early ‘90s with the infamous Chucky Chuck. During high school Chucky’s friends gave him the moniker after overdosing on acid. From there, Chucky and longtime friend Gillies, a legend in the South Bay area punk scene, adopted the term to describe their own reckless lifestyles. With a thirst for motocross riding, surfing and skateboarding the pair of misfits lived each day with no fear and only a go big or stay home attitude.
Chucky and Gillies, former Kottonmouth Kings crew member, harbored dreams of becoming of becoming hip-hop MCs, but it wasn’t until Chucky’s hidden talents were discovered by Suburban Noize recording artist Big B that he went from setting up the stage to hyping crowds.

"I always knew that I wanted to get down with the Sub Noize camp, so much that I got the Kottonmouth logo tattooed on my stomach. When word got back to them they invited me to shows and took me under their wing," says DGAF frontman Chucky Chuck. "I was touring as a member of their crew until Big B noticed I had a hidden talent for rapping and asked me to become his hype man. In an instant I went from setting up the stage to serving it. The instant I got up there on the stage I knew that is what I was born to do."

DGAF was first introduced on a worldwide level through counterculture icons the Kottonmouth Kings. During the late '90s, Gillies was roommates with the Kings own DJ Bobby B and D-Loc in Redondo Beach, CA and were quickly adopted into the DGAF family. The group immediately began to create t-shirts sporting the group’s moniker with stencils and spray-paint in the garage to accompany their DGAF tattoos. Within months of rocking sold out shows, the DGAF movement had gone from the tattoos on their bodies to a worldwide cultivation of misfits, stoners, and adrenaline junkies.”

“We all grew up in Hermosa Beach, CA surfing, skating and running from the cops. We were huge fans of the punk scene and bands like STDS, Black Flag and Pennywise, but also huge fans of rip-hop groups like Kottonmouth Kings," says Gillies. "At the time, I was living out of my van close to Bobby B and D-Loc’s area so we became good friends and they offered me a place to stay. We just lived this punk DGAF lifestyle, so we started making DGAF stencils out of cereal boxes and spray-painting t-shirts, skate decks, surfboards and whatever we could get our hands on. It became the logo of our crew; a select few who would stop at nothing to surf the biggest waves, skate the gnarliest pools, or go forth-geared pined jumping 100 feet plus on a ‘89 CR250 eating shit laughing."

When creating a musical soundtrack for the chaos they produce, Chucky and Gillies recruited none other than Saint Dog (original frontman of Kottonmouth Kings) and his brother Big Hoss to join in the audio disruption.

“After returning from the Tech N9ne Tour last January I met with Chucky, while he was in the middle of finishing the DGAF record,” says Saint Dog. “Shortly after that I was invited to feature on the record along with Big Hoss and DJ Circa who have been my partners in rhyme from the start.  When we got in the studio the chemistry was there so the songs came together quickly, so didn't take long for a full length to surface.  Chuck an Gillies “Don't give a f**k” attitude coincided nicely with me an Hoss's world outlook, all this came together with the direction of Kottonmouth Kings Daddy X created nothing less than DGAF.”

"I was blessed to have one of the original Kottonmouth Kings, Saint Dog, featured on the record," adds Chucky Chuck. "I have been a fan of his since I first met him and OG Kottonmouth King Brad X spit out rhymes on KMK's Royal Highness. Now to have them in a group is an honor. After that we brought in Saint’s brother, Big Hoss to complete the connection of US Circle A and DGAF."

The group’s debut album is the sonic equivalent of the Sex Pistols crashing head on with N.W.A. DGAF’s toxic musical brew is an unapologetic middle finger to everyone and everything that stands in their path. "Damn Rite We Did It" kicks the album off with a banger and sets the cut-throat tone of the record, the album's lead single "Knuckle Up" sends a message to anyone who runs their mouth but can't back it up with their fists, while "With Us Or Against Us" asks which line of the listener stands on.

The digital area has allowed the DGAF movement to march forward and spreading across the nation worldwide. Popular sites like MySpace has taken the group’s word out mouth approach and given them a megaphone to recruit a massive online army of followers that subscribes to the group’s carefree, high adrenaline lifestyle.
The DGAF brand has spread through the online world and spilled over into a successful clothing line for the group. The group’s logo can be seen splattered across t-shirts and hats across the country and is commonly found throughout the southern California area in some shape or form either through clothing or graffiti tags on walls.

No matter what side of the line you stand on it's impossible to ignore DGAF's in-your-face message. This four-piece crew is ready to crack skulls and celebrate the only way they how; by packaging the insanity of their day to day lives into one harsh audible blunt.

"DGAF is a lifestyle movement that started at the bottom and we're going straight to the top,” closes Gillies. “We're never gonna stop; so you're either with us or against us and if you are against us…"