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Album Releases

XI Reasons To See

The Inside
HOME TOWN: Lyon, Rhône-Alpes France
Mick - Vocals
Zephiros - Rhythm Guitars
Morteus - Drums/Backing Vocals
Seb V S - Lead Guitars
Dave - Bass

Formed in 1996 by Mick, Zephiros & Morteüs, DESTINITY have always played a meticulous and utterly impressive agressive / melodic extreme metal since over fourteen years to be actually one of the principal french metal acts ! And well know worlwide with last albums released on LIFEFORCE Records. After a demo and two autoproduced albums, the band has released 3 albums on the underground metal label ADIPOCERE RECORDS (France) and released "THE INSIDE" (2008) with RUPTURE MUSIC (France). LIFEFORCE RECORDS signed the band for a worldwide license of "THE INSIDE" and future albums ! Last years saw the addition of new members and the shift towards the more uncompromising side of metal with a lot of scandinavian thrash metal touches that DESTINITY are known for today while encompassing melodic elements found in previous records.

DESTINITY performed approximatively 300 concerts around Europe and joined some European tours with bands Dew-Scented and Seveere torture (2008), Decapitated and No return (2006) & Enthroned, Seth & Agathodaimon (2003). DESTINITY has supported so many festivals as the Hellfest open air (FR), Legacy festival (DE), Maximum Hxc and Metal fest (BE), Zabbaduschder open air (DE), Zizka festival (CZ), Meetjesland festival (NL), Chaulnes metal fest (FR), No Mercy festival and share the stage with bands as Sepultura, Kreator, Kataklysm, Behemoth, Slayer, Behemoth, Destruction, Grave, Illdisposed, Necrophobic, Melechesh, Sinister, Tyr, Hatesphere and many more… The band also has supported many concerts with bands like Cradle of filth, Napalm death, Immolation, Graveworm, Loudblast, Gojira, Dagoba, Benighted, Holy moses, Nightmare and many more…