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Album Releases

Riders Of The Apocalypse
Christofer Johnsson (vocals)
Kristian Niemann (guitars)
Johan Niemann (bass)
Rickard Evensand (drums)

Although the name DEMONOID might be new within the metal scene, most of the guys involved are old stagers in the business. In fact, DEMONOID is nothing else but a project that features THERION members Christofer Johnsson and Kristian Niemann, Johan Niemann and former SOILWORK current CHIMAIRA drummer Rickard Evensand. Influenced by Old School Death and Thrash, the band plays solid, aggressive and pushing metal – a feast for every headbanger who's into brutal and violent sounds! So don't expect bombastic THERION-like metal but a true Death massacre! The idea of making a project playing more brutal music had been in the mind of Kristian Niemann, the guitar player of THERION, for a long time. There were earlier attempts to put something together, along with his brother Johan, but by some reasons it never ended up as a finished record. So when the idea was brought up again – this time together with a third companion from THERION, Christofer Johnsson, and the drummer who was working with THERION at that time, Rickard Evensand (later in SOILWORK, now in CHIMAIRA) – the attempts finally ended up with a finished record, later named "Riders Of The Apocalypse". The musical concept of DEMONOID is not symphonic metal like THERION, in fact the band strived to go back in time and create a fresh and challenging combination of basically old school Death and violent Thrash Metal elements, also mingled with a touch of modern Black Metal. Both Kristian and Johan have gotten into the more brutal forms of metal quite lately and some of their references are CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR, while Christofer – having been the growler of THERION in earlier days – has extended knowledge of the thrash and death scene from late 80’s and early 90’s. Thus bands like SLAYER and BATHORY as well as all the Old School Death Metal bands from those the early times rank among his main references. Those facts create a very interesting combination, featuring Kristian’s more than excellent guitar work, Christofer’s by far best vocal performances up to now, Richard’s technical drumming and Johan’s pounding bass lines. Most of the music was written by Kristian and Johan, some minor help came from Christofer. As the captain of this ship, Kristian has been the main person responsible with arranging the songs and also doing most of the recordings in THERION’s very own "Modern Art" studio. The lyrical concept was created by Christofer: A story which is partly fantasy and partly based on theological and historical elements. It circles around the biblical characters, "The Riders Of The Apocalypse". So if you like Old School Death / Thrash with sophisticated lyrics, "Rides Of The Apocalypse" is the right choice for you. With DEMONOID, the extreme metal scene has an 'old' new bright spot!