Dearly Departed
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Believing In Ghosts

The Remains Of Marianne Mayweather
HOME TOWN: Long Island, NY
Mike Mallamo (vocals)
Danny Lopez (drums)
Joe Rubino (bass)
Jeff Bodzer (guitar)
Ryan Albrecht (guitar)

Sometimes all you have to do is look close to home to find what you are searching for. Familiar with each other’s past projects, Inside, Tension, Scarab, and Helen of Troy, these Long Island acquaintances came together as The Dearly Departed. A mesmerizing and emotive five-piece ensemble who ended up catching the ears of Long Island’s One Day Savior Recordings at just their third live performance. Captivated by their natural ability to create infectious, swooning lullabies and not too mention their stellar display of musicianship, those who have been fortunate enough to hear this up and coming band are already singing their praises. “The Remains of Marianne Mayweather”, consisting of five songs, was recorded in late 2001 at Sabella Studios (Marcys Playground, Public Enemy). Though cliché, the beauty in these songs must be heard to be believed and understood. One is at a sudden loss for words as soon as the sweet, soulful crooning of vocalist, Mike Mallamo, caresses you. Like being carried by a gentle, harmonious current, Mallamo’s gripping performance will render you into a trance-like bliss. The guitars, supplied by Jeff Bodzer and Ryan Albrecht, showcase numerous dynamics and build-ups of epic proportions. Using tasteful, lush effects, the guitars flood you with a relentless display of aggressive melodies and yet sweet, quiet, clean riffs. The bass and percussion of Joe Rubino and Danny Lopez compliment the arrangements with deep, fluid, grooving basslines and percussion. The final result is tempting combination of the likes of Sunny Day Real Estate, Open Hand, Slint, Moss Icon, and Current.