Day Of Contempt
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Album Releases

The Will To Live

See Through The Lies

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HOME TOWN: Adelaide, Australia
Ben Coyte (vocals)
Tom Deverix (guitar)
Simon Ogorman (guitar)
Dan Smith (bass)
Joel Bourne (drums)

Day of Contempt lies in the depths of the metal, hardcore crossover. With their intense touring schedule, the Adelaide, Australia based band has been established as one of the country's leading heavy music outfits. Known for both their earth-shattering tracks laced with melodic hooks, and a live performance that leaves even the hardest to impress gasping for breath, Day of Contempt's audiences repeatedly match their energy. In the five years since their inception they have a lot to show. While initially being well known only in the Adelaide underground hardcore scene, they have most recently released their Debut full length "See Through The Lies" on Europe's premier metal hardcore label Goodlife Recordings. During this time they gained much recognition from the EP "Where Shadows Lie" on Trial and Error in Australia and Germany's Voice of Life Records, while also appearing on several compilations, and having their video clip to Drain played numerous times on Rage. Meanwhile, Day of Contempt have joined a host of international bands on Australian tours from metal to punk, and other hardcore bands. They've hit the east coast with the likes of Unwritten Law, Strung Out, the Mad Caddies, H20, One King Down, Throwdown, Ensign and prominent Australian acts such as 28 Days, Frenzal Rhomb, Superheist and on Adelaide's Big Day Out. Between these and their own shows, they've gained the reputation as Australia's most hardworking, and widely appealing hardcore act. Lyrically they tear down the mainstream pressures of how people are expected to live. In a world that rewards apathy and mind-numbing compliance, Day of Contempt are driving the stake through its heart.