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Peaceville To Re-release Classic Darkthrone Album
October 18, 2010
Britain's independent heavy metal powerhouse, Peaceville Records, will begin releasing new editions of classic Darkthrone albums later this month from the recently acquired Moonfog Productions catalogue titles.

The first re-issue, 'Panzerfaust', - Darkthrone's fifth album overall - will be released as a double-disc set and individually numbered vinyl (2000) on October 25th. The 2-CD edition includes a bonus disc featuring commentary from Darkthrone's infamous drummer/lyricist, Fenriz, for a first hand perspective behind the creation of the 1995 Frost-fuelled black metal masterpiece.

Additionally, Peaceville Records will re-issue the rare second Isengard release, 'Hostmorke' (1995), on October 25th. The album, which was performed entirely by Fenriz, also features a special commentary disc conducted by Fenriz, reflecting on the recording process, as well as an insight into the time of the recording.

'Panzerfaust' and 'Hostmorke' can be pre-ordered now at the Peaceville webstore at: http://www.burningshed.com/store/peaceville/.
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