Dark Temple
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The Dark Temple Is Rising...
January 12, 2011
So we were without question the first to bring you some brief news posts on this project in the past, and for those that needed to see it to believe it... head on over to this location, give it a like, suggest it to friends, and get ready to GET INTO IT!


And for all you website peeps that have stolen posts from this website in the past and not given a shred of credit to us nor a linkback (you know who you are), Give credit where credit is due this time and please be sure to do the following: 'File under Whitechapel'.
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Dark Temple... Is Coming Soon
September 17, 2010
For those of you who don't really read the entire post whenever I post a news bit, and I know that this covers the vast majority of you, you'd be surprised at just how much you miss when you skim through it without really paying attention. And I can guarantee that 9 out of 10 of you missed this entirely (or maybe you just didn't care)... because I posted about it months ago, but there's been no mention of it, no questions, nothing... And considering who is involved in it, I'd imagine there'd be at least a few people out there wanting more info on this...

Anyhow, Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder has been using the little bit of off time that Whitechapel gets to work on a side project that is known as Dark Temple. Now I know right off that some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "It's probably gonna be a breakdown fest that sounds just like Whitechapel"... well, you're more than welcome to voice and maintain your prejudicial opinions, but I can assure you that this is nothing like Zach's full time outfit and will likely surprise a lot of people. It's also not likely to appeal to Whitechapel fans in the least, but should do well with fans of a more synth heavy blackened melodic death metal style... don't believe me? Well, all I can say is... Prepare Yourselves!

**Oh, and as previously stated... before any kind of speculation begins, this is an Official side project but will not affect Zach's commitment to Whitechapel in any way, shape or form.**
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