Curl Up And Die
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Album Releases

The One Above All, The End Of All That Is

But The Past Aint Through With Us

We May Be Through With The Past...
HOME TOWN: Las Vegas, NV
Mike Minnick (vocals)
Matt Fuchs (guitar)
Gustavo Mendoza (bass)
Jesse Fitts (drums)

Disillusioned? Thunderstruck? Gasping for air? Curl Up and Die is your wonder drug, your miracle cure, your anchor in a sea of confusion and loneliness. But wait! Consumer be wary! Have you all the facts needed to make an informed and competent judgment on the product before you? A thorough explanation of the origin and inner-workings of the goods at hand is of utmost necessity. Where did this marvel of a product come from? Where is all-in-wonder solution going? And who will be accountable when it all crumbles in on itself? Perhaps the best analogy to draw upon when speaking of the origin of Curl Up and Die is that of the dawn of the universe. The parallels to support this theory are minuscule in import so we implore you to take our word for it. Let us now take a trip back in time, back to the year nineteen hundred and ninety-eight, the month December. It is chilly, not freezing and a tad warmer than cold, and our cast of characters are laying the foundation for what will be come the rock ensemble known as Curl Up and Die. Two of the initial five are members of a hardcore band bearing the name Shelflife, one is part of the punk rock group The End and the last two are unaffiliated with a band. The founding line-up is then Matt Fuchs on guitar, Jon Brown on guitar, Geoff Bergman on bass, a chap named Mike on drums, and Mike Minnick on microphone. The band's initial status as a side project quickly gave way as Shelflife and The End evaporated into nonexistence. Now a serious rock band with dedicated members the entity that was Curl Up and Die strode forward into the unknown. Any person of the sea knows that a good ship needs a good crew and that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, so Jesse Fitts took over on drums. This line-up bred a number of demos in its brief life but was cut short after six months with the disembarking of Jon Brown to seek fortune in Guatemala. The slot was quickly filled by one Ryan "Roidin" Hartery and shortly after his inception the band recorded the EP "The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug" at For The Record in Anaheim, CA with Paul Miner. Full of guts and gusto, the band put out the EP themselves and was treated to a warm reception by the good people. Shortly thereafter Status Recordings re-released the EP and nursed it to greater heights. What followed was semi-demanding schedule of mini-tours and weekend dates, the release of a better-left-unmentioned 7" on Status Recordings, and a full east coast tour in the summer of 2001. Amidst all this were various round-table discussions and boardroom-esque conferences to work out the future of the now established and virtually unstoppable force that was Curl Up and Die. What came of these slightly passionate and vaguely heated discourses was a deal with Revelation Records to put out the next few Curl Up and Releases. Now wielding the support of a champion fighter of a record company, Curl Up and Die set out to bash the next opponent, that being a full length recording. But in October of 2001 just a month shy of the bout against the full length, a tragic blow was struck to the confidence and solidity of the band. Where Curl Up and Die was a pentagon of strength they were reduced to a bewildered triangle. Geoff the bassist and Roidin the guitar player felt they needed to leave the band and they did just so. Bruised and battered but always resilient the remaining trio stumbled out to God City Studios in Boston and put out a Rocky of a record. The release entitled "Unfortunately We're Not Robots" is slated for release on Revelation Records in May of 2002. The chaps returned to Las Vegas and quickly set about regaining their foothold on rock n' roll. They enlisted a new bass player by the name of Gavan Nelson and set about arranging performances starting in March 2002 and carrying through to a number of tours over the following months. Short of an obscure debacle Curl Up and Die should be around for sometime to come gracing the world with monumental performances and uncanny perfection. Consider yourself an informed consumer, blessed with the knowledge of that wonder supplement Curl Up and Die. Success is within your reach, fortune just around the corner, and a life devoid of loneliness and despair can be yours courtesy of Curl Up and Die.