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Cult Of Luna To Release First Ever DVD
January 24, 2009
Swedish art-rockers Cult Of Luna are gearing up for their first ever DVD release, titled 'Fire Was Born'.

The DVD includes an epic hour-and-a-half live show recorded on July 1st, 2008 at the Scala in London, UK, along with an exclusive interview with the band, in which the members answer questions sent in from fans all around the world. The DVD also includes the music videos for "The Watchtower", "Leave Me Here" and "Back To Chapel Town".

The 'Fire Was Born' DVD is due to be released on March 23rd, 2009 as part of a special edition version of the band's latest album, 'Eternal Kingdom', except for in the band's home country of Sweden, where it will be released as a separate DVD only.

Check out a trailer for the DVD below.

Cult Of Luna fans in Australia and New Zealand can catch the band live at the following much-anticipated shows:

2/10 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission Room
2/12 - Brisbane, Australia - The Tivoli
2/14 - Sydney, Australia - Manning Bar
2/15 - Melbourne, Australia - The HiFi
2/17 - Adelaide, Australia - HQ
2/18 - Perth, Australia - The Capitol

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Cult Of Luna Invite Fans To Submit Questions For New DVD
November 5, 2008
Following on from their new album, 'Eternal Kingdom', Swedish art-rockers Cult Of Luna are preparing to release their first ever DVD.

Along with an epic live show recorded earlier this year at Scala in London, UK, the DVD will also feature a brand new interview with the band - and this is where YOU come in.

Cult Of Luna want you, the fans, to send in your questions for the band to answer during the interview. So get thinking about those questions you've always wanted to ask the band, send them in and the band will answer the best ones on the DVD!

Please send all questions for the band to, with the subject line "DVD Questions".

'Eternal Kingdom' is available now worldwide. Based on an actual journal found in an old mental home, the album takes listeners on a weird and wonderful journey through the mind of a former patient as he tells the tale of how his wife came to be murdered, and of the mythical creatures he claims to have encountered during the time of the harrowing event.

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Cult Of Luna Mainman: Concept Behind 'Eternal Kingdom'
May 9, 2008
Cult Of Luna founder and guitarist Johannes Persson explains the intriguing story behind the 'Eternal Kingdom' album concept.

"There’s a strange story behind the album and how we came up with the title. For the last couple of years we’ve been rehearsing in what is actually an old mental institution about 45 mins outside town. It was a mental institution in the 1920's, and when we cleaned out our rehearsal room we found all these boxes with junk in, that seemed like they had been forgotten for a long time.

Everything from medical journals to paintings by patients and things the patients had done. And we also found a journal entitled “Tales from the Eternal Kingdom”, complete with pictures and poems and words, that a patient named Holger Nilsson had written at the time"

Johannes continues: "Holger Nilsson, we since found out, was a guy that was sentenced for his wife’s murder and was incarcerated for life. The notebook shows that it was a really interesting world he was living in. We’re not claiming to be psychiatrists or anything like that, and able to make a good diagnosis of his mental state, but it’s clear to us that he was not living in our world. So basically the whole album 'Eternal Kingdom' takes us through his disturbed world from his perspective and mind, as recounted in the journal"

"The whole story started off by him blaming her death on this gypsy-like man that he met on the road home to his village, Yttre Akulla." "It seems like he drowned his wife in the creek just outside of Yttre Akulla. It was obviously a very tragic event. His wife was in labor having a baby, and he had to run to neighboring village Bygeda, to get a doctor. On the way to Bygeda, he met this gypsy character, and he asked him to look after his wife whilst he ran to the village for a doctor. He was only away a short time, but when he returned to her, the baby was stillborn and his wife was in really bad shape, upset about losing the child, and she died in the creek shortly afterwards. The gypsy had disappeared."

"Holger believes she was killed by the Necken. In Old Swedish folk tales there is a creature called the Necken who it is believed was Satan. The Necken plays on his fiddle and lures women to their doom, like the sirens in Greek mythology tricking sailors to their death."

"During the night he sees a bright light in the forest and he starts walking towards it. Sneaking through the bushes, all around the fire he sees these different animals and animal-hybrids – Kumans (half-man, half-bear). It later turns out that these are the 'evil' animals. They are dancing around faster and faster and faster, and in the middle of the ring he sees the gypsy - as they make eye contact, the gypsy transforms into an
owl/man hybrid - this Owlman is known as Ugin, the Owl King. The Owl starts to scream, which causes the animals to give chase to Holger, so he runs away back to his house."

"The next morning there’s a knock at the door, and he’s very nervous but it’s one of the “good” animals. He gets taken to the good animals that are led by the Capercally. They have some secret information. The Capercally King tells him about this wood, this forest and the schism between the good and evil animals, and the Owl King Ugin that governs this whole evil land. The good animals had some information from a spy that will give them an advantage against the evil creatures. The good animals are not
fighting creatures, but they get this information that they have a good chance to attack Ugin. So they all go and fight, but the information is false and they're surrounded and captured, so the story ends up that Holger gets sent to a dungeon in a mountain. Our interpretation is that this dungeon he’s sent to is his view of his incarceration."

Johannes handed in the journal which became civic property, and is expected to be displayed in the Osterbotten museum at some point. Johannes reflects on the impact the find made on him: "When as a band, you unexpectedly find something like this it’s not a question of IF you’re going to do something about it. It’s an epiphany, it had to be the album concept, though it was very challenging to make the album's music
re-tell the story in the journal– not just lyrics, but also the music to match such an intriguing idea and concept."

Chec out the artwork for 'Eternal Kingdom' at this location.

'Eternal Kingdom' will be released on June 16th in Europe and July 8th in the U.S.
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Cult Of Luna's Johannes Discusses 'Eternal Kingdom'
April 28, 2008
Cult Of Luna founder and guitarist, Johannes Persson gives fans a major treat as he gives them a taste of what is in store for them on the band's hotly anticipated 5th full-length release, 'Eternal Kingdom'.

"The world of the 'Eternal Kingdom' is harsh and hostile and that was something we felt was needed to express through the music. The turn to a harder and heavier sound was also very welcomed on our side after two albums of exploring atmospheric and meditative music."

The recently released artwork of 'Eternal Kingdom' also has a deep connection to the music contained within.

"The artwork is inspired by old woodcuts and it is definitely the right way of maintain and amplify the harshness of the 'Eternal Kingdom'. With the Man/Owl king in the middle, it is a perfect visual representation of how the album is going to sound."

Cult Of Luna recently finished recording their upcoming new album, 'Eternal Kingdom', at Tonteknik Studios in the band's hometown of Umea. The follow-up to 2006's 'Somewhere Along The Highway', 'Eternal Kingdom' will be released on June 16th in Europe and July 8th in the U.S.

You can view photos taken from Cult Of Luna's 'Eternal Kingdom'
recording sessions by going to
and clicking the pictures under the "Recording Album, March 2008" heading.

And for more information on Cult Of Luna, head on over to the band's Myspace page, or the official webstite at
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Cult Of Luna To Enter Studio
February 27, 2008
Swedish art-rock behemoth Cult of Luna have entered Tonteknik Studios in
their home town of Umea, Sweden, to record their fifth full length album.

The band have 8 songs ready to commit to tape, having spent the preceding weeks fine tuning the material that will look to build further on the success of 'Somewhere Along the Highway'.

Although the band are yet confirm the title, the album will see the band attempt to adapt their sound, welcoming a harsher and more primal element to their already complex approach.

Guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson comments cryptically: "As we close the doors of the Tonteknik studio and travel into unchartered musical ground, only one thing is sure; what will come out will have been born from pain and violence."

Cult of Luna's new album is scheduled for a June release.

The band have already confirmed the following shows this year:
03/19 - Oslo (NO), Sub Scene, Inferno Metal Festival
03/20 - Oslo (NO), John Dee, Inferno Metal Festival
04/19 - Tilburg (NL), 013 Popcentre, Roadburn Festival
06/22 - Brittany (FR), Hellfest
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HOME TOWN: Umea, Sweeden
Klas Rydberg (vocals)
Eric Olofsson (guitar)
Johannes Persson (guitar)
Andreas Johansson (bass)
Thomas Hedlund (drums)
Anders Teglund (keyboards)
Magnus Lindberg (sampler

Cult of Luna emerged from the infamous hardcore act Eclipse. When the band split up, vocalist Klas Rydberg along with guitarist Johannes Persson had new ideas how to explore music further on. A new band had come to light, soon to be called Cult of Luna. After some member hunting and rehearsals, Cult of Luna had some ideas on the sound; raw, heavy and emotional. The first line-up consisted of: Klas, Johannes, Erik, Magnus and Fredrik. After a short period of time, Fredrik had to leave due to some personal difficulties. When practice started to pay off, CoL hit the studio for the first time and recorded a two-track demo (January 1999). After some more rehearsal and after the first gig, the band felt that to fully live out their wet dreams of sound experimenting, one more member was needed to handle the electronic sounds. Since Magnus had both knowledge and equipment, he was self written. Given that Magnus had handled the drums earlier, they needed a new drummer. And that they found in a mutual friend, his name was Marco and he had previous helped them out with more primitive sample engineering on live performances. A new bass player was also found, again through mutual friends, named Axel. The frequency of rehearsals were pretty low at this point, and therefore also live performances. The fact that the band members lived in different cities made it hard to give priority to write new material, and to do live shows. Yet another mutual friend helped CoL to release their first record. Tim, head of Trust No One recordings released a 7" split vinyl with friends Switchblade. Watching a concert at the Trastock festival 2000, UK label Rage of Achilles got in contact with Cult of Luna. Pretty soon after that it was agreed that RoA was to release Cult of Luna's debut full-length album. Release date was September 14th, 2001. In these days, Hydra Head records had also shown interest in Cult of Luna, and this co-operation resulted in a two-track 7" colored vinyl on HH records released march 24th, 2002. These two songs were recorded at the same time as the self titled full-length on Rage of Achilles. Immediately after the release of the first album, news of the band's mammoth sound worked its way into cult circles and the band received rave reviews. Discerning listeners instantly appreciated the bands unique approach, trading light and dark to create music that hit the heart and the head in equal measures. After the success of the first album, Earache records contacted Cult of Luna and wanted to sign a record deal. After some negotiations during the spring of 2002, CoL finally signed the deal. Immediately after that CoL entered Tonteknik studios to record their second album "The Beyond". After the recording session, Andreas joined in on bass after the departure of Axel, who had left the band before the studio session. "The Beyond" was released in early 2003, to critical acclaim. Cult of Luna proved categorically that they were now ready to bring their soundscapes to a much wider audience. After the release of "The Beyond", Cult Of Luna toured Sweden with The Haunted and the UK with Isis. After this, the line up changed seeing drummer Marco Hilden replaced by Thomas Hedlund, and an additional keyboard player - Anders Teglund - was added as a permanent fixture, after stepping into Magnus' shoes for the UK shows with Isis. Magnus took care of the additional percussion parts, and thus the current line-up was completed. Now touring became a lot more frequent. Late summer 2003 Cult of Luna ventured into Europe with US hardcore sensations Poison The Well, to amazing press reactions. I December the same year CoL returned to the UK for a tour with art noise merchants Dillinger Escape Plan. The early part of 2004 was mostly dedicated to writing songs for their follow up to "The Beyond". Though, they found the time to play a few long awaited shows in Sweden and Finland, before entering Tonteknik studios once again. The recording of the latest album "Salvation" were done in three different sessions, thus enabling the band to take some rest and think about possible changes that needed to be done. Finally, in late July 2004 the mixing process was complete. The release date of "Salvation" is set to October 4th, 2004. This album marks a new era in the history of Cult of Luna, both visually and sonically. At the same time as "Salvation" hits the stores, CoL will embark on a UK headline tour, which will also include Scandinavian and European dates.