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Lock & Key
Cruel Hand Announce 'Lock And Key' Headline Tour
September 10, 2010
Cruel Hand recently announced that they'll be heading out across the United States (and Mexico) in October and November on their first headlining tour on their newest album, 'Lock & Key'. Supporting Cruel Hand will be Long Island, NY's Backtrack and the tour will bring the bands South, through the Midwest, out to the West and back East again.

The Lock & Key tour will be a precursor to the band's European jaunt on the Persistence Tour alongside Sick of it All, D.R.I., Blood for Blood and more throughout December.

Please check out all up-and-coming Cruel Hand shows at now.
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Cruel Hand Unveil Track List, Cover Art For 'Lock & Key'
May 21, 2010
Full of just as many catchy, metallic riffs as mosh parts, 'Lock & Key' is a heavy mix of influences like Madball, Leeway, Cro-Mags, Metallica, Suicidal, Obituary, and is one of the most well-rounded hardcore albums in recent memory. 'Lock and Key' was recorded in Wakefield, MA with producer Jay Maas (Verse, Bane, Defeater) and illustrates what Cruel Hand is capable of both lyrically and musically - this is more than just a progression of their past material, this is a defining release for Cruel Hand and will be available on July 27, 2010.

'Lock & Key'
Track Listing:
1. Lock & Key
2. Cruel Hand
3. Day or Darkness
4. Broken Glass
5. Labyrinth
6. One Cold Face
7. Rotations of Hurt
8. Dismissed
9. Two Fold
10. The Bottom

Cruel Hand is proud to unveil the cover art for 'Lock & Key' as illustrated by Ryan Eyestone. Vocalist Chris Linkovich said, "This artwork rules and we couldn't be happier about how it turned out. It's definitely frame-worthy, and you can find frames at Ikea, the mall or your local framer - always buy local when you can!"

Since the release of Cruel Hand's Bridge Nine debut, 'Prying Eyes', in 2008, the band has been a relentless touring machine and one of the tightest bands in the hardcore world. Cruel Hand has shared the stage with bands like Have Heart, Bane, Terror, and Death Before Dishonor, and will continue to tour the globe non-stop in support of 'Lock & Key'. Stay tuned for more details and pre-orders on 'Lock & Key' to be announced soon!
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