Crimson Orchid
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Album Releases

Chapter XIII: Nightmares & Fairytales
HOME TOWN: Baltimore, MD
Jason Le Doux - Rhythm Guitar
David Klein - Drums
Donald Parks III - Lead Guitar
Jacob Le Doux - Lead Vocals
Ryan Poole - Bass

Crimson Orchid was, unfortunately, formed around the idea of death. Most of the band members, like most people, have lost family and friends due to suicide and homicide. The first album, "Death Walks Away," was inspired from the bands' personal losses. Crimson Orchid formed in the early summer of 2004 with a nice bottle of everclear and heavy hearts.

The first song, "In My Heart You'll Never Die," which is a story of love lost, was written when Crimson Orchid formed. Randy's acoustic guitar and Jacobs' freestyling lyrics were the catalyst to "In My Heart." Other songs on the album ,such as Meich, were created due to a recent suicide by a member of Jacob's family. Death seemed to surround the band in its first year.

"Death Walks Away" is a series of songs based on life events which changed the band members' outlook on life and how precious it is. The idea behind the album is that the light in our world is never gone and hope lives in every breath you take. Life is about conquering fear. The fear of death; pronouncing "I will stay whole through any obstacle."

When it came time to record the sophomore album, "Chapter XIII: Nightmares and Fairytales," the band was in need of a drummer and decided to recruit Dave Klein, an old friend from previous bands. "Chapter XIII" was about "tilling the soil." Crimson Orchid, alongside their fans and friends had made their stand with "Death Walks Away." Now came the next chapter in "Crimson's" lives. Again, the stories were based on life changing events throughout the band. The "Fairytales" portion of the album primarily stuck to stories of real people, whereas the "Nightmares" half of the album was about sharing a message of disgust about the chaos in the world. Songs like "Mothers Tears" share a vision of a dying earth, whereas "Broken Cross of Daneyeal" (pronounced "denial"), was inspired by the racism and bigotry that still plagues us as a society. With the third album under way, Crimson Orchid feels that their message has been heard thus far. They now speak of "The Revolution."

Crimson Orchid is influenced by so many things, such as their lives and the lives of those who surround them. They are also inspired by some of the world's best music. Crimson Orchids' influences range from Opeth to B.B. King, Classical Music to King Diamond, and everything in between. Crimson Orchid are comprised of fieve different men creating one beautifully unique sound. Crimson Orchid mixes metal, progressive, classical and some hiphop to bring their fans the music in which you hear.

Their passion exudes from the stage and speakers as they strive desperately to share their message. Their doors are always open and their house is never full. Step right in and sign up for the revolution. This is only the beginning...