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Crematorium Announce Last Show With Guitarist Mark Uehlein
February 25, 2010
Crematorium, the Los Angeles purveyors of "Murdercore," has announced that guitarist and longest standing member, Mark Uehlein, will be leaving the band for personal reasons. His last show with Crematorium will be this Saturday, February 27th at The Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.

Vocalist Daniel Dismal commented on the subject: "This Saturday night is going to be Mark's last show ever with Crematorium. Mark has dedicated a lot of blood and sweat into playing with Crematorium since 1996 and in many ways, Crematorium would not have done as much as we have as a band if it was not for Mark's involvement with the band. It's a sad day to watch Mark leave but we want to give him a proper send off and let him know just how much he will be missed and how much he's actually given to the underground Metal scene as a whole."

Church of the 8th Day presents
Saturday, February 27th, 2010
Burning At The Stake
Obscene Carnage
@ The Blvd
2631 Whittier Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90023
All Ages - $8 - Bar w/ I.D. - 7:00pm

Crematorium released 'For All Our Sins' in 2002, and 'The Process Of Endtime' in 2005 on Prosthetic Records. They are currently writing and gearing up to record their latest effort, which is entitled 'Born of Filth... Cultivated by Swine'.
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Crematorium Confirm West Coast Dates, Writing New Material
March 23, 2009
Long running death metal / hardcore stalwarts Crematorium have just confirmed a handful of west coast dates. The shows include dates with Brutal Truth, as well as Goatwhore and an appearance at the Los Angeles Murderfest.

The dates are as follows:
4/4 - The Sets - Tempe, AZ (w/ Brutal Truth)
4/5 - Jumping Turtle - San Marcos, CA (w/ Brutal Truth)
4/6 - TBA – CA (w/ Brutal Truth)
4/8 - Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA (w/ Goatwhore)
4/9 - Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA (LA Murderfest 5.0)

Crematorium is also currently writing and demoing new material for an album that should surface around the end of the year. Vocalist Daniel Dismal had this to say about the upcoming shows and the new material:

“I am excited to be sharing the stage with longtime friends Brutal Truth and Goatwhore, as well as showcase some of the new material we have been working on. I never thought I would see the day where the death metal/hardcore hybrid scene would become so big. We decided now was the time for us to become more active, playing more shows and writing new material. I feel that this is Crematorium's most volatile and concise music to date. We can’t wait for people to hear our next step in the evolution of the band.”

Daniel Dismal has always been a strong supporter of underground music, through his upstart promotion company Church of the 8th Day, which besides booking shows all year long, is responsible for organizing the Los Angeles Murderfest. Crematorium's last album, 'The Process of Endtime', was released in 2005 on Prosthetic Records.
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HOME TOWN: Los Angeles, CA
Mark Uehlein:
the official band alarm clock on the road and amazing remarks about titties being made of sweet
creamy milk. Big Rob Tulk:
the official skyscraper in the band and the bottom side of Crematorium's heavy sound. Aaron Cross

The concept for Crematorium was born in Los Angeles, during the hot summer months of 1991. Through the years, Crematorium has withstood the test of time and numerous line-up changes, developing an original sound with an infusion of European Death Metal, New York Hardcore, thrash, doom, ambient noise and black metal. They coined the resulting genre as "murdercore": a ground-breaking new force in the metal underground.

Signing with fledgling Prosthetic Records in 2002, Crematorium released an album (For All Our Sins) that put Murdercore on the map. Since then, Crematorium has appeared onstage with such classic bands as Cannibal Corpse, Cradle Of Filth, Emperor, Scars Of Tomorrow, Nile, Candiria, Arch Enemy, Obituary, Shadows Fall, 18 Visions, Impaled Nazarene, Mayhem, Diecast, Catastrophic, Sinai Beach, Phobia and Suffocation. Crematorium has toured with such as bands as All That Remains, Origin, Aborted, Scar Culture, Cephalic Carnage, December, Immolation, Grave, Goatwhore, Nodes Of Ranvier, Glass Casket, Reflux, Vehemence, All Shall Perish,Animosity, Rag Men, Hoods, Donnybrook, Nuclear Assualt, The Red Death, As I Lay Dying, The Mercury Switch, Deicide, Vital Remains, Desolation, The Judas Cradle, Misery Index, Fuck The Facts, Pyrexia, Infernaeon, Sons Of Azrael and Blessing The Hogs.

In 2004, Crematorium put out several limited-edition releases, toured extensively, then returned to Los Angeles with a new mission. Their goal for 2005 was to amaze the countless amounts of fans and supporters with a new album that would mark musical history. During the months of October and November, Crematorium headed into D2 Studios with DD Ehrlich (Slipknot) to record The Process Of Endtime. Featuring a more streamlined approach to Murdercore, Crematorium doubles the intensity of all their elements, tapping into raw emotion and speed while upping the lyrical bar. The Process Of Entime marks the process of a new beginning for Crematorium.

Crematorium is currently planning on recording a new EP full of new songs, live versions of old songs and a few cover songs from bands that helped shape what Crematorium is today. A European tour is FINALLY in the works so the wait is almost over for all the overseas fans. Crematorium is still going to tour the US but a break might be taken in 2008 so the band can concentrate on overseas as well as recording.