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Texas Medicine
Cradle To Grave Frontman Rushed To Hospital
February 3, 2010
On January 23rd, 2010 new Cradle To Grave vocalist/bassist Donavan "Demon" Mason was rushed to Vancouver's UBC Hospital after he was unresponsive to his family attempting to wake him up. Mason is blind and suffers from advanced diabetes, which can cause his immune system to shut down periodically. His family and bandmates suspected that he was just battling a bad case of the flu, but upon arrival at the hospital doctors diagnosed Mason with a severe case of the H1N1 virus. The medical staff at UBC Hospital were able to bring Mason back, but warned family and friends that he had been near death and had they waited a few more hours, the case could have turned tragic. Mason is now recovering at home while Cradle To Grave take a break from recording their upcoming new album.

Vancouver based Cradle To Grave are currently working on their long-awaited, third studio album; the follow-up to 2008's "Texas Medicine." The veteran band - which features in its ranks Denis "Sasquatch" Barthe of Aggression and Matt Fowler of Assault/Karrion - just completed pre-production with producer Clay Haluk (Infernal Majesty, Aggression) and have entered Screen Machine Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The album is expected to surface later this year through Year of the Sun Records.

"Our goal with this album is to release material as relevant as Venom's "Black Metal" or Voivod's "War and Pain" albums," commented Barthe. "The pre-production sessions for the new record were awesome," added new Cradle To Grave vocalist/bassist Demon Mason. "It gave us the opportunity to make our material a little bit more in line with what Venom did with "Welcome to Hell" and "Black Metal." We can't believe how this band sounds now and we are anxious to show it to the world."

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CRADLE TO GRAVE Announce West Coast Tour
August 13, 2008
Vancouver based metal outfit CRADLE TO GRAVE have announced the dates for their upcoming West Coast North American tour. The band will be hitting markets on the coasts of Canada, US and Mexico throughout the month of August.

Guitarist Sasquatch said: "This is the time of the year where we look forward to going down south to destroy venues with some of our American & Mexican blood brothers,” says guitarist Sasquatch. “Regardless of where we play, it is always fucking crazy and the metal community is alive and well on the West Coast. Come out and thrash till death!"

Dates include:

22 - Vancouver, BC - The Cobalt
23 - Everett, WA - Flights
24 - Tijuana, MX - El Publieto
25 - Mexicali, MX - El Diablo del Santo Domingo
26 - Escondido, MX - La Cabana del Satanico
27 - Santa Monica, CA - 14 Below
28 - Salem, OR - Sapphire Grill
29 - Eugene, OR - Samurai Duck
30 - Portland, OR - The Red Room
31 - Seattle, WA - The Comet Tavern

Cradle To Grave recently released their new album Texas Medicine on Year of the Sun Records. The album was recorded at Speaker Freaker Studios in Surrey, British Columbia, then mixed and mastered by DEVIN TOWNSEND (LAMB OF GOD, DARKEST HOUR, GWAR).
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HOME TOWN: Vancouver, BC
Denis Barthe - Guitars
Greg Cavanagh - Vocals
Matt Fowler - Drums
Glenn Chisholm - Bass

Emerging from the pit of Vancouver, British Columbia comes Cradle To Grave with an arsenal of thrashing guitars, animalistic snarls and fist pumping anthems to revive the metal of yesteryear and pull it kicking and screaming into the new century.

The genesis of Cradle to Grave began in the early months of 2002 when guitarist Denis "Sasquatch" Barthe was looking for a new project after his highly influential thrash metal outfit Aggression dissolved. With a new musical direction in mind, Barthe recruited vocalist Greg Cavanagh and drummer Matt Fowler through an ad placed in a local paper. Shortly after forming, the three established a solid relationship built around a common love of heavy metal.

In 2004 Cradle To Grave signed with Year of the Sun Records and quickly delivered their debut album, simply titled CTG, later that year. The album's raw, abrasive, southern style of metal provoked fans and critics to instantly raise their devil horns in the air. Metal Maniacs called the album a "sonic firestorm of hardcore heavy metal," while the legendary Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles gave the record an 8/10. The band’s video for their single “Projectile” also garnered six months of rotation on Much Music’s LOUD channel.

Cradle To Grave have now returned with a sonic swig of whiskey straight from the bottle, in the form of their sophomore effort Texas Medicine. The album was recorded at Speaker Freaker Studios in Surrey, British Columbia by engineer Clay Haluk. “This album sounds as good as anything out there,” says Barthe about Cradle To Grave’s latest opus. “There is not one similar song and we wanted to confuse the shit out of people. I'm pretty sure we succeeded," continues Barthe about Texas Medicine's musical direction. "You pretty much got it all in there; crushing 80's hardcore crossover, high flying velocity riffs, insane drumming, thrash metal attack, Cavanagh's arsenal of screams, epic war songs, Yes-inspired acoustic pieces. I mean, we're all over the place. We wanted to create an album that surprises our listeners.”

To ensure the album had a truly devastating sound Cradle To Grave enlisted the mixing and mastering skills of none other than Strapping Young Lad’s Devin Townsend (Lamb of God, Darkest Hour, GWAR) to achieve the punishing sound the music deserved. With songs such as “The Light”, “Five Years of Fire” and the album’s leadoff single, the bone crushing “Broken God”, it’s easy to understand how Cradle To Grave have become legitimate leaders in Canadian metal.

The deafening buzz surrounding Texas Medicine has already caught the ears of video game company Blue Castle who secured two songs from the album for inclusion on their upcoming "Zombie Ritual" game, due for release in late 2008 and is slated to ship 500,000 units worldwide in its first week of release. Cradle To Grave was also selected by ex-Nazareth guitar player Manny Charlton to appear on an upcoming Nazareth tribute album alongside heavyweights like Children of Bodom, U2 & Velvet Revolver. The band has recorded the track "Miss Misery" from the Nazareth album "Hair of the Dog", complete with a guest appearance by Devin Townsend himself.

With Cradle To Grave’s Texas Medicine, Hell finally comes home!