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HOME TOWN: Santa Rosa, CA
MEMBERS: Tino Molinari - Vocals
Nico Molinari - Guitar
Zack Sumner - Bass
Linden Reed - Drums

COUTEAUX, (pronounced Coo-toh) is a technical and progressive Alternative/Rock band influenced by quite a few other musical genres as well, including but not limited to post-hardcore, math-rock and post-rock. 

Couteaux formed in the summer of 2011 after the demise of the post-rock group Atheorem, and as a side-project to the now defunct Bay Area metal band Simoom. Vocalist Tino Molinari and drummer Linden Reed (who made up half of Simoom), have put plenty of time and energy into their music over the last 3 years and had plenty of great experiences with Simoom. From being hand picked (from a list of 20 Bay Area bands) by vocalist Phil Labonte to open for All That Remains and Lacuna Coil at the Grand Ballroom in San Francisco in October of 2009, to being the opening act at the San Francisco stop for Cruefest 2, sharing the stage with Motley Crue, Godsmack and others. Simoon also opened for National acts such as Nonpoint, Cold, Drowning Pool, Rev Theory, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Taking Dawn, Kylesa, Will Haven and American Headcharge. 

Bringing all of that experience with them to Couteaux, Tino and Linden teamed up with Tino’s brother Nico (Molinari) and Bassist Zack Sumner to breathe new life into their project and have managed to create some truly infectious music on their forthcoming EP, “Sail West to Reach the East.” Fans of poppy melodic post hardcore and catchy anthemic choruses will find a new favorite band in Couteaux. As the band themselves put it, “With our influences combined, we can play melodic music with a punch…and also summon captain planet.” 

With their debut EP due out June 30th (2012), Couteaux have been busy promoting and playing locally around the Bay Area, opening up for the likes of: Burn Halo, Assemble The Skyline, Farewell Fighter, Heartsounds, Vices, State Faults, and many more. The band also had a feature in Alternative Press Magazine (June 2012 Issue #287.2, AP&R Section) which also included an exclusive stream of the track 'The Disconnect' on the Alt Press website. Just prior to that, the band teamed up with for an exclusive stream of the track 'Cease Fire'.