Countdown To Life
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Album Releases

Govern Yourself Accordingly
HOME TOWN: Rainier, OR
Danny Hoover (vocals)
Ty Vaughn (guitar)
Adam Willis (bass)
Josh Baird (drums)

Countdown to Life is a four-piece rock’n’roll attack hailing from Rainier, OR. Since their inception in December 2001, Countdown has been building a solid foundation for themselves, gaining a following throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their dedication to musical excellence coupled with an empowering live performance, presents an image that is both dangerous and compelling to all who experience their power. As with most HXC bands, despite the brutality of their music, you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer, more accessible group of guys. Their small town roots and blue-collar work ethic make them more than just another up and coming band fighting for a position in your CD player. With influences ranging from Bad Religion to Refused, Countdown is not setting out to reinvent the wheel but rather redefine it. With a heavy touring schedule in the works to support their recently released full length CD “Govern Yourself According” on New Age Records, future plans include being on the road, playing their hearts out for 4 months straight. And that’s just in the U.S… With their short and sweet sets that keep the crowd both satisfied and begging for more, Countdown's live shows are unmatched in their intensity. From guitarist Ty Vaughn’s front flip stage dives, to frontman Danny Hoover's constant reckless abandon, both with the audience and himself, seeing Countdown to Life live is not a passive experience for anyone involved. Rarely has a band been so solid, so intense and so fun all during one set. “I’d always wanted to be in band where I could hopefully inspire people the way I’ve been inspired,” Hoover states. “If not for this music or this scene I don’t know where a band like Countdown to Life would go.” Countdown has shared the stage with bands such as: Bane, 18 Visions, Champion, Give up the Ghost, Terror, Time in Malta, Himsa, Emery, Death by Stereo, Saosin, Tsunami Bomb, RX Bandits, The Bled, Daughters, Desa, and many more.