City Of Fire
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City Of Fire Release Debut Album
August 18, 2009
Hard Rock experimentalists, City of Fire, pay homage to the vibrant city in which the band was formed, Vancouver, BC, with their self-titled debut release. City of Fire’s debut album was released on the band’s website,, on Saturday August 15th, with a full-scale release to be announced shortly.

Although they are relatively young as a band, City of Fire has plenty of musical experience; Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) on vocals, and Byron Stroud (Zimmer’s Hole, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad) on bass, with Ian White, vocals/guitar, Terry "Sho" Murray (Shocore), guitar, and Bob Wagner (Shocore, Econoline Crush), drums, rounding out the lineup. The band’s self-titled debut was recorded over a two-month period in the band’s hometown of Vancouver, at the Factory Studios and Profile Sound.

“I have always loved Vancouver,” explains vocalist, Burton C. Bell. “During this session, my eyes were intensely aware that Vancouver is vibrant with life, like a raging fire. This is where the name of the band came from. I was inspired like never before, and I believe it shows accordingly on this City of Fire debut.”

City of Fire
finds its roots in everything from Metal, to Hard Rock, to Punk, but most of all, the mountain lined countryside, and everyday life, in one of the West Coast’s most beautiful cities, Vancouver.

Sonically hard, yet groove heavy, City of Fire has conceived a sound that distinguishes itself from the rest. The 11-song debut was produced by TerryShoMurray and City of Fire, and features a special vocal appearance by ChrisLord HeathenValago of Zimmer’s Hole. City of Fire’s own vocalist, Burton C. Bell, showcases his vocal versatility on the record, with tracks ranging from the riff heavy “Gravity”, to the acoustic “Emerald”, to the crossover single “Rising”. The cover art to the debut album can be viewed at this location.

The track list for City of Fire is…
1. Carve Your Name
2. Gravity
3. Rising
4. A Memory
5. Spirit Guide
6. Coitus Interruptus
7. Hanya
8. Emerald
9. Hollow Land
10. Dark Tides
11. Rain

City of Fire’s
self-titled debut release is also the flagship project of ShoStroud Productions, who are currently working on developing other artists. For more information on City of Fire, their debut release, upcoming Fall 2009 tour dates, and ShoStroud Productions…visit,, and
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HOME TOWN: Vancouver B.C.
Byron Stroud - Bass
Ian White - Vocals/Guitar
Bob Wagner - Drums
Terry "Sho" Murray - Guitar
Burton C. Bell - Vocals

Fire, when burning, is in a state of turbulence, unrest, reliance and dependence. When extinguished, it becomes calm and unattached, freed from its own limitations. Fire can only occur when properly provoked, much like the creative mind. Creativity, like fire, can only burn with sustenance - that essential element that keeps the fire burning.

City of Fire pays homage to the city in which the band was formed, Vancouver, BC. Known for its primarily rainy climate, the weather can serve as a driving force of creativity for local artists. Creativity builds an internal fire, the rain stokes that fire within and ultimately provides liberation. This is the juxtaposition of Vancouver: a city that shelters, hurts, inspires, warms, scares, challenges and illuminates.

On March 8th 2008, the Cobalt Club in Vancouver, BC housed a reunion of the band Caustic Thought. Original members Byron Stroud (bass), Ian White (vocals/guitar), and Bob Wagner (drums) invited Terry "Sho" Murray to fill in for the original guitarist. Unbeknownst to everyone, the culmination of these artists would give birth to a new sound, which would ultimately lead to the formation of City of Fire. Bassist Byron Stroud contacted Fear Factory band mate Burton C. Bell (vocals/lyrics) and the line up was complete.

City of Fire finds its roots in everything from metal to hard rock to punk, and boasts a more adult oriented sensibility; a sound reflective of the evolving maturity of its members and audience. Sonically hard yet groove heavy, City of Fire has conceived a sound that distinguishes itself from the rest. Stay tuned for the sounds of the City of Fire!