Circle Takes The Square
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As The Roots Undo

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HOME TOWN: Savannah, GA
Drew (vocals/guitarist)
Kathy (vocals/bass)

It's rare that a band can pull together so many different styles within the punk/hardcore realm and create something so new and interesting that it's just impossible to lump it into one category or genre. Circle Takes the Square lives among this elite pack and their debut full-length is nothing short of amazing. Absolutely scathing and pain-filled vocals overlay fast and frantic overdriven guitars coupled with wild bass lines, all structured by a backbone of stylish and intense mind-blowing drumming. It's almost like the musical-equivalent to a person having an anxiety attack from a speed overdose, but still strangely beautiful with the occasional soft singing or suspenseful melodic twist. Bottom line, this stuff is intricate as hell but held at points where you can still bob your head do it, all stunningly performed by a young band that is only a three-piece.