Circle of Contempt
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Circle Of Contempt Prepare For... Military Leave??
November 12, 2010
Finnish Metallers Circle Of Contempt are best known for their brutal assault of technical precision and unhinged rage, but the band will now harness this energy in a different way as they prepare to join the military in order to serve their country.

Circle Of Contempt states: “It's a very tricky time in camp Contempt right now, with Finland law forcing a military trip for numerous members in January that will result in six months of service. However, until then we are currently hard at work in the rehearsal room laying down the sections for our second album that will definitely turn some heads. We are determined to create a more aggressive, dynamic and mature offering showing our continued growth as a band. Stay tuned to for frequent updates and we will be back in your face before you know it.”

Management representative Carl Sewell adds: “It's an exciting, yet tricky time right now with members having to take time off touring for their mandatory military session, which means they will be out harder than ever come summer to make up for lost time. The new album is a real step forward and summer 2011 will see the Circle Of Contempt wave of brutality unleashed worldwide.”
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HOME TOWN: Pori, Finland
Riku Haavisto - Vocals
Risto-Matti Toivonen - Guitar
Markus Karhumäki - Bass
JP Kaukonen - Drums

Finland, a place in what is usually known as a hotbed of breeding grounds for legendary folk and black metal acts, enter the progressive earth shattering, technical metal assault known as CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT. Formed in 2006 originally under the moniker Thrust Moment; these Pori, Finland metalers; Riku Haavisto, Risto-Matti Toivonen, Markus Karhumäki and JP Kaukonen got together and combined their intense passion for powerful progressive metal into one unstoppable unit. It wasn't long before they started practicing many hours a day, six times a week in order to develop and perfect their unique, grandiose sound.

Although early on touring was impractical due to schooling, CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT were still capable of building a strong fan base throughout Europe, and especially Finland. Having played only a handful of "one-off" shows and a couple of mini-tours, it was decided that in the summer of 2008 they would record their first EP, "Color Lines". Soon after completing Color Lines, the band's management handed a copy off to Sumerian Records label founder Ash Avildsen, who made them an offer on the spot. Now fresh out of High School, all members 19 years of age; CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT will begin recording their Sumerian Records debut in March of 2009, and will embark on a heavy worldwide touring regiment soon thereafter.

Only one word can adequately illustrate this Finnish four-piece known as CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT, intense. The pulse pounding drum kicks and glass shattering vocals assault the listener while the unforgiving guitar licks and bass grooves pound the psyche into submission. At the same time the melodic interludes and harmonious melodies bring a whole different element to the table that significantly compliments CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT's more abrasive side. CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT have received excellent reviews from numerous metal media outlets and are quickly becoming one of the top metal bands in Finland, quickly to expand and conquer worldwide. And for good reason, every member has been passionate about music since childhood. CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT crafts an artistic masterpiece through their persistent devotion to innovative music. So enter the Circle of Contempt, if you dare, but be warned; you will not come out the same.